Friday, 18 December 2015

stars&scars collaboration!

Ooh, another collaboration! 

This time, Admin Vicky has been busy, scribbling away to make these unique Paper Panda necklaces! 
There's two designs to choose from - Floral Bunnies has a pretty intricate pattern, and I Love Papercutting has a quirky typographic style. 
They're not printed or stamped or anything, just drawn by hand with nothing more than a pen, then hand cut and assembled.
Pretty special!

Friday, 11 December 2015

Collaboration with Odd Hearts!

This week we unveiled this stunning collaboration piece!
Cassiopeia is a unique collaboration piece between Paper Panda & Odd Hearts depicting a girl with the whole universe at her fingertips.

This is an enchanting new design, featuring a hand drawn Paper Panda original piece, cut by hand with a scalpel from a single sheet of black paper.
The piece also features a pretty floating painted orb of space by Odd Hearts.
It is signed and dated on the reverse.
The piece is suspended over pale background creating stunning shadows inside the handmade beech wood box frame.
Edition: 1/1
Size: 23 x 23 cm

The piece is available on eBay until 12/12/15

Friday, 4 December 2015

Baby's First Christmas Winner!

On Sunday we popped a giveaway up to win this here merry papercut, made with my own Panda paws.

Crikey! So many of you entered for the chance to own this festive little original, sadly there can only be one! So without further ado...
The winner is...*drumroll please* 

Deniece Burton


Please keep your eyes peeled for your postie Deniece, as this original is winging it's way to special delivery as we speak! Huzzah!
A HUGE thank you to all of you that entered! If you didn't win this time, why not pop over and check out the template in the online store here.

P xx

Friday, 27 November 2015

Have yourself a merry little...Winner! :P

  On Monday we popped a giveaway up to win this here festive papercut,
made with my own Panda paws.
Wowee! So many of you entered for the chance to own this merry little original, sadly there can only be one! Without further ado...
The winner is...*drumroll please* 

Nicki Scarborough!


Please keep your eyes peeled for your postie Nicki, as this original is winging it's way to special delivery as we speak! Huzzah!
A HUGE thank you to all of you that entered! If you didn't win this time, why not pop over and check out the template in the online store here.

P xx

Friday, 6 November 2015

Christmas for Blue Cross!

Every year I get lots of gorgeous treats & pressies sent to me for Christmas, which is super lovely and I am ever so grateful, but I really am just running out of space to
keep all my pretties *first world problems*! Well so Mr P says. *Carefully leans past goodies to reach Coke*

So this year we have a super spiffing idea to make Christmas special and you don't need to send me a present at all, that's right, send all the presents to The Emily!
Just kidding, obv. We are hoping to raise many pennies for Blue Cross animal charity. We have already raised over £1000 this year and there's more to come, hooray! All my friends and family are joining in and now, if you'd like to, then you can too!

So instead of sending me that lovely gift, you can donate it to our auction event. That way someone can buy a lovely present for their friends & family AND I get a lovely present, because you've helped the furbabies! Huzzah! It really is the best possible present I can receive knowing that we are helping the animals.

There are some really beautiful offerings from a large stunning quilled pieced by Cut By Hand (our very own lovely Carla Bagshaw), my own Deans Ragdoll panda limited edition bear with a drawn aceo of the Woodland Friends of your choice, paper flowers by Samaflora, Embroidered hoops from Crafts Outrageous and many more simple wonderful things! So just buy bidding or buying you'll be helping the animals this Christmas.

Hope to see you there!

P xx (and The Emily - can you tell what part she wrote? ;) )

Monday, 26 October 2015

And the winner is...


On Saturday we popped a giveaway up to win this here 'spooky' papercut, made with my own Panda paws.
Wowee! So many of you entered for the chance to own this spooktacular original, sadly there can only be one! Without further ado...
The winner is...*drumroll please* 

Lorraine Greaves


Please keep your eyes peeled for your postie tomorrow, Lorraine, as this original is winging it's way to special delivery as we speak! Huzzah!
A HUGE thank you to all of you that entered! If you didn't win this time, why not pop over and check out the template in the online store here.

P xx

Friday, 23 October 2015

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like... Papercutting!

So, I mustered up some Christmas spirit this week (bah, humbug, it's only October) and made up some templates for baubles! 
These will fit in those nifty clear balls that you can fill with things - glitter, snow, papercuts... or you can just frame them for your wall. 
Also, perfect personalised gifts for Aunt Joy and Uncle Noel ;)

There's also a huge bumper pack available with 12 sheets of designs for just £5 - and they all have commercial licences! Doesn't get much better than that, right? :)
These were originally available in the Craftseller magazine, but it's much easier just to print out a file, than scan a magazine!

Friday, 16 October 2015

Templates templates everywhere!

This week we have seen 2 of our most popular templates released, firstly was the Woodland Friends do Halloween template which you all went crazy for! It's a lovely little template, I love creating fun little scenes for our favourite characters to interact with :) From your lovely suggestions this template was born :)

"BOO! What do you think of my Halloween costume, Finn?" asked Bunny.
"WAHH!" replied FBH. "A spooky ghost!" He jumped so hard that his bucket of sweeties went flying everywhere. "Oh Bunny, I was so spooked I almost rolled up into a ball! And now my sweets are all over the floor." he sighed.
"Sorry Finn," replied Bunny, "I'll help you pick them up. Let's go Trick or Treating to get some more!"

The second and most popular template for a long while has been the new Surprise template for October :) There's no pictures at this time as we are hoping to keep this one a secret for as long as possible :) But it is a little special and by your reaction on of your favourites :) It was so popular we managed to break the internet! I don't have a Kim Kardashian Bum, but I have a Finn Biddybum and that's even better!

And here is everyone's favourite little cake muncher staring in awe at his cake mountain! :) This colouring sheet is a dual use one, as some of you have cut this little beauty! All those lines :O But oh so fun!!

All these templates are available now on our website :)

Friday, 9 October 2015

Papercut of the week!

Are you a member of our lovely (not so) little cutting community group on Facebook? 

We have a little over 11 thousand members now! Amazing! 

It's a great place to share your papercutting & paper crafts, but it's also a nice place for advice and questions! We have a nice mix of posts from papercuts, templates and questions - to stories, sharing and pictures of cake! Hooray! ;) 

Each week we also choose a papercut of the week, the winner receives a voucher for our online store. Plenty of reason to get sharing your lovely work! 

You can find our group here -


Here's a few of our past winners! 

Hope to see you there soon! Congrats to all the winners so far! Will you be the next Papercut of the week? We'll have to see next Friday, eh? ;)


Friday, 2 October 2015

Hello October!

Wow can you believe it's October already?! Seems like the year has flown by!

It's been a busy time a PP HQ - just look at all this post! Is one of these winging it's way to you this week?! Time to stalk that postie! ;) 

Thank you so much for all of your orders, your little notes are great and we read every one! We especially like the jokes!

 The other day Mr P was singing the orders as he went along..

'Oooh Irene McDonald had a faaarm and a 21 pack of poster paaaaper'...

It went on like this for a while, I think delirium may have set in, send cake! :P 

Here's a few random behind scenes snaps this week!

Yes that is Nanny P and Yes she did make that clipboard herself! ;)

 Plus just look at the size of buddy's feet! Maybe he's part rabbit!?

Anyway, the best news of the week?
We are off to Amsterdam for a few days of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!
See you on Monday! Nanny P, Sonia & Julie will be packing your orders so say hello to them in your notes :) Cheerio!! P Xxx

Friday, 25 September 2015

Templates ahoy!

If you're into templates, you had a treat this week!
First up was 'You are my sun, my moon and all my stars', a swirly-whirly typographical extravaganza.

Then we had the September Surprise template, which obviously I can't tell you more about, but it's a cute one, featuring a new character! 
It's only £1, so it's definitely worth a look.

Then finally, we had our very first colouring sheet!
I'm really proud of this one, because it was something I never thought I could do. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Shiny shiny!

Remember when you were a kid and you bought the packs of stickers for your favourite football team / game / film / TV show / boyband? (I collected the Gladiators, Lion King and Sonic ones! - Admin Vicky)
Well, do you remember there were always 'shinys'... ones that stood out from the rest by being metallic or holographic, and they were definitely worth at least 5 'normals'!
These prints are the equivalent of the shiny stickers ;)

These beautiful luxury foil prints are truly stunning! 
The foil shines brightly and really stands out from the background, the effect has to be seen to be believed.

Available in 7 styles, with different colours too.


Right, back to my happy place now! xx

Friday, 4 September 2015

Talented Admin and Busy Busy Busy Panda Team!

So, last week some of you eagle eyed folks noticed the new section in the store - Team Panda Makes. This will be full of things made by members of the team, keep your eyes peeled on that for some fun new things in the future.
These little bits of space were painted by 'The Emily' of admin fame. Each depicted it's own unique night sky scenery, with pretty colourful auroras, meteors and a multitude of tiny stars.
Good luck if you managed to snag one, they sold out pretty fast! 
I'm pretty sure she will be painting some more at some point... but it's Admin Vicky's turn next... :D

We have had some a busy days and nights here at PPHQ, packing up all your lovely orders! 
Cake, coke and retro fizzy sweets saw us through, plus my glamorous assistant, Mr P.

He's a star :)

And like a lot of you, I'm sure, it was my children's first day back at school this week.
I remember Poppy when it was her first day at junior school when she looked so tiny and not big enough to fill her uniform. Aww!
I figured it could also be Bunny's first day as a parent taking his little one to school. Rabbits only have to wear ties though ;)

Have a fabulous week, Pandinos! :D x

Friday, 28 August 2015

Positive Positivity

Positive Positivity :)

This week has been a brilliant week :) Woke up early every morning ready and raring to go! Eek, this getting up early lark is really quite invigorating! :) But do have to admit it is tiring, but the sense of accomplishment is worth all the hard work :) Looking forward to the Autumn period, have some great things planned for PP and of course the run up to (shhhhh don't tell anyone I said this word this early) Christmas!
Having such a positive attitude this week I wish to share it with you all! So I challenge you all each day to do something positive and hold that positivity all day! Don't let it go!

On that positive note, do you know what week it is?? It's new ACEO week!! I know I say this almost every month, but I do think this months set is my favourite set so far! There is something for everyone. A rockstar rabbit, dragons, giraffes, fairies and a flamingo!!! Remember, this set is available for just 1 month and each one comes hand signed on the back by the wonderful Mr P himself.

These also fit wonderfully in our handmade ACEO frames! So don't miss out get yours now xx

Panda hugs and Panda snogs! xxx

Friday, 21 August 2015

Tiny Tuesday!

So, I've only just managed to catch my breath after Tiny Tuesday!
Some of the cuts sold in record time, thank you so much to everyone who bought one, and commiserations if you weren't lucky this time, it will happen for you one day!

Also, the new August Surprise template has just gone live, sorry it's late, I've been poorly sick and supposed to be resting... like I can ever shut off ;)
I think you'll like it though. It's a sweet one.

Speaking of resting, I'd better follow Doctor's orders and go for a lie down... wait, let me just cut this one last thing...

Friday, 14 August 2015

What a week...
This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me, it started with a stay in Cheltenham hospital :( I was very poorly this week but was expertly looked after in hospital and after scans, tests and some questionable poking and prodding, I was soon well enough to discharge myself to be treated as an outpatient at home. Love the work our NHS tirelessly does and they were super helpful in hospital, but I am much more comfortable at home. Mr P is such a good doctor I may even have to buy him an outfit! I am lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life who looks after me like I'm a princess!

Heres my hospital selfie after the wonderful effects of medication :)

But now I am home it has been a rough few days but I think I am now on the mend, I am not 100% but I certainly much better than I was :) In fact I managed to pick my scalpel up and cut a few tinies ready for Tiny Tuesday! Huzzah!

Lastly this little smug (insert suitable swear word here) made me worry so much because he went missing again :( I went through so many emotions as I thought I had lost him :(

But after a worrysome day and a bit, cheeky chops just strolled in like nothing had happened! I have never been so relieved! I love my animals like they are my children and when they disappear they scare me half to death! Just so glad he is home for cuddles! 


Saturday, 8 August 2015

Sales and Excitement!
So we have had our sale running since the 31st and we still have some bargains left, but once they are gone they are gone forever! Eek! Sadly we are shifting existing stocks of some of our favourite items to make way for some new exciting lines :) Going are some of our favourite cards but we have this little beaut as the first of our new lines to be added :)

What do you think? Me? I adore it, in fact this is one of my favourite ever cuts.

So apart from our sale, its been pretty busy here at PPHQ, we are gearing up for Tiny Tuesday! Eek! It is that exciting time for not just those wanting to buy, but me too! It makes me really nervous for reasons I cannot understand! So when is Tiny Tuesday going to happen? Oh, well I have this handy little photo :)

Be there, or be square! :) xx

Friday, 24 July 2015

Thrilling Quilling...

Hello Panda fans!

My exhibition at Obsidian Art is well underway, and there's still lots of pieces available. Some of these pieces are one-offs and won't be repeated, so if you're interested, pop them a message. They offer a payment plan too, so it's ideal for every budget!

I'm also excited because we are having some more quilling kits made up for us as we speak. They were really popular last time, and we are still taking pre-orders. They will (fingers crossed) be sent out next week!

It's almost New ACEO time, doesn't the month fly by so fast!
This set will be gone on the 28th July, so if you're wanting these ones, now's the time.

I've also got my smiley face plastered on the Crafts Beautiful blog this month, so, go hop on over to their blog to read 10 top papercutting tips, and bag yourself a free template as well.

Ta-ra for now, see you next time! xx

Friday, 17 July 2015

Birthdays! :)

So today is that day! You know the one, it's the day you hope doesnt come round so quickly but love it when it does! Birthday time! Another year older, eek! Technically I get to say I am another year wiser too! (Insert Mr P's sniggering) But we will probably just stick to another year older hehe!

This year I have been treated and spoilt by so many people. I cannot thank each and everyone of you enough, all of the cards, messages and presents have been both amazing and overwhelming! I feel all the love I have been sent, and I hope you all felt my love in return! I'm not going to share any specific gifts as I truly love every single one, and picking one would be like picking your favourite cake! (Y'all know that's not possible right??) But I can say I did receive some rather amazing foxy socks :) and they're fabulous!

I also learned something very important today! That I share a birthday with the one and only David Hasselhoff! Eek! Thanks to the super Emily I now know that each year this mighty fine sex god ----> (sniggers) is possibly opening cards and presents at the same time as me! :) How cool :)

I am going to get back to enjoying the rest of my birthday, once again thank you for making it such a lovely day! :) Mwah xxx

Friday, 10 July 2015

Healing hugs for Chewy

This Week we had drama at PPHQ when my beloved Chewy became very sick. This week has been daily trips to our local vets for tests and checks which ended up with poor Chewy on a drip. It was truly heartbreaking to see him so poorly, he was refusing to eat or even move and became really limp. It was awful for him but also for the whole family who are used to him running around our feet trying to trip us up!

It became very scary when we realised that in the stresses of work and family life that we had let his insurance lapse. When you lot found out that the insurance hadn't been renewed there were LOADS of people offering support, auctioning items and donating their hard earned cash to his vets bill. I honestly couldn't believe it. Faith in humanity completely restored.

I cannot express how much every message, virtual hug, donation and offer to help has meant to me and my family, and it has helped me get through a tough and stressful week. Without this support I honestly don't know how I would have coped. So THANK YOU, every single one of you, THANK YOU xxxx

On a Brighter note this week one of my lovely admin team challenged the papercutting group to interpret what Paper Panda meant to them. This could have been by any means or medium, and we had some incredible entries! From drawings, pictures, quotes, poems and just words of general loveliness! Here is a few of my favourites! (It was super hard to pick a couple as they were all so lovely)
Picture by Rose O'Shea

Poem by Anna Goadby

There is a world of paper art,
An art that is close to our heart.
Across the world we pick up a knife,
But in aid of art not to take a life.
We are a group, although we've not met,
Who share pics of our favourite pet.
We share our stories part of our lives,
All whilst creating with our knives.
Acts of kindness not of hate,
Is what makes this group great.
We came together because we care,
For an artist, known as a bear.
From a little village in the Cotswolds,
Come pretty pics to cure blues and colds.
promoting kindness and good deeds,
Whilst we shop to fill our craft needs.
Our thanks to paper panda we owe,
For the love in the group does grow.
Thanks to panda we have learnt to be kind,
We are not strangers, we are of same mind.
Paper and knife, cake to eat,
We are Just friends who are yet to meet.

Poem by Jessica Massey

There once was a Paper Panda. There never was a woman grander.
She has big boobs and an even bigger heart paper cutting is her art.
A beautiful talent she likes to share and about other people she really does care.

So she decided to create a group, and lots of people went whoop whoop whoop.
A group who share a love of craft a place where you’re never made to feel daft.
But it’s not just Lou who runs the dream she also has a fabulous team.
She has Tim Sam who we all like to scare by wanting to see him in underwear.
Then there’s Dan the admin man. Let’s give him a clap for being a real nice chap.
Next up is Emily with her pretty smile to help she`ll go an extra mile.
Vicky has the rainbow hair to forget her I wouldn’t dare.
Then of course there is Julie too she’s a lovely lady through and through.
There’s coke and cake and laughs galore it’s never stops there’s always more.
Mr whippy is so yummy just like Lou who is rather scrummy wink emoticon
There’s chewy and munch who are part of the bunch.
I’m sorry this poem is so lame my lack of drawing skills are to blame.
And although comic sans is a really big no honestly it was the only way to go.
So now you ask what does paper panda mean? Its friends and family and following a dream.
Its being yourself and believing in you it’s following your heart and always being true.
It’s an inspiration to many around, a helpful word and smile can always be found.
It’s being confident and learning a skill, picking up and knife and having a thrill.
Cutting up paper to make some art, paper panda is part of our heart.

With so many entries I wish I could share them all, but along with the support for Chewy this thread and the love for Paper Panda was so immense it has made what was a dreadful week into something immensely lovely and bearable.Thank you for being there for me!
Lots of love and Panda snogs! Mwah xxx