Monday, 25 November 2013

Bunny & Bird Template Giveaway

So! Hello there and welcome back to my quiet space, aka The PP Blog!
I have these two sweet lol' framed papercuts that the Bunny & Bird DIY templates were made from recently. Those that bought a template since release day and today (25th) were all stuck into a virtual hat and I've pulled two names out to recieve the originals. They are the only Paper Panda original papercuts that will exist of this design, so that's quite cool, no?
*drumroll please*
Angie Partridge & Penelope Bates will each win one of the originals! *applause*
Now, it'll be a suprise which one you recieve to be fair, I've already boxed them up, so I hope that you recieve your favourite :)

Thank you to everyone that has purchased a template so far and I really hope that you're enjoying making your own papercuts.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Go Sober Winners!

Well it's been a tough month for lots of you but you raised a serious amount of money for Macmillian so you should be proud of yourselves.
As an added incentive I offered up two prizes for Paper Panda liker Go Sober peeps. One to whoever raised the most dosh and one to a random luck-o-the-draw type person. Here's the results...

Joanne Regan raised a whopping £1175 as of midnight last night. She wins a Paper Panda goody bag including the gold 'You Star' Teeny Weeny papercut and as yet unreleased new Paper Panda goodies.

The other lucky lass who was pulled out of the virtual hat is Kerry Ryan who also wins
a Paper Panda goody bag including a red 'You Star' Teeny Weeny papercut. She raised £210.

WELL DONE to you both and to everyone else that went sober for charity. *applause*

P xxx