Monday, 2 December 2013

DIY Kits

So, recently you all seem to have bought a kit and got the papercutting bug. It's good, huh? Super relaxing and annoying in equal amounts? Yeeeh, it's great! I love that everybody is having a go themselves and finding a new hobby - and in some cases opening new businesses. Fab! If you haven't yet bought a Paper Panda kit then WHY NOT? It's seriously addictive and you can make all your Christmas pressies on the cheap, hee hee! You can buy kits from the shop here: Paper Panda Full Kit or if you already have a knife and a cutting mat then there's also this one (same but without equipment) Paper Panda Indroduction to Papercutting.
After that there's lots of little downloadable designs that you can buy in the shop from just £3, or you can have this one here for free House Rules Template just download it and and save it to your computer and print it out. This 'House Rules' one shouldn't be attempted by beginners though as it's a bit tricky and you might swear lots and that's never good. It's copyright to Paper Panda so don't be selling it or owt, okay?
When you've finished it should look like this:
But nobody will shout if it doesn't!
If you are unsure of how to use Dropbox, or are struggling to download please ask your friend/brother/postman etc (not us) because it's nearly Christmas and we're reet busy and can't deal with 45,000 emails asking us about downloading stuff as it's just a freebie. Fanks ;)

Panda xxx