Friday, 30 January 2015

Bye bye January...Hello February.

News & stuff!

Sometimes you'll find that the back of my papercuts are a bit of a weird colour. See the green? Well, I have some mounts that are a bit special and I like the papercut to fit perfectly within it so I take the mount and scan it in - this time with a bit of green paper over it - and print it onto my cutting paper, then draw my design over the print of the mount. That way I know that the composition will look perfect when it's framed. I do the same with nearly all of my cuts to make sure it's centered correctly and will look nice as a finished piece...

Me? Well I'm poorly 'ick. AGAIN. I have zero immune system and seem to be constantly poorly at the moment. But I'm resting and between resting I'm still cutting away and have a cracking pile of cuts ready for Mr P to photograph them. Lots of miniatures too so I think a Tiny Tuesday will be on the cards in the next couple of weeks, yay!
Valentine cards are now in the shop but if you fancy cutting a papercut yourself there's some new templates that start at a proper daft £2.50 for a naughty one with a sweary word up to £7.50 for a lovey dovey gushy one. We are also trialing hanging hearts similar to the Christmas decorations using the Mr Darcy papercut design from a little while back with the two bunnies. I'm convinced that Shani is going to do a brilliant job and they'll be on sale very soon, and yup, they can be personalised too!

Some of you eagle eyed folk may have noticed this super new template added only moments ago ;)

'I love you' wreath - a florally ring of lovey - dovey perfection! Get yours here for £7.50

'I love you so very much' £7.50 from here.

and this design has also been used for our Valentines greetings card too! £2.70 from here.

Caution this one's a little sweary, but it's still spreading those loving vibes ;) and at only £2.50 it's a blimmin' bargain, I tell ya. Get yours here.

Hands up who's spotted this new Twinkle Twinkle template in the shop too?
Just like the sweary love one, this one comes with a pre-made Panda scribble effect, also included are just the words, so you can make up your own scribbly design, have fun with it!
Another £2.50 bargain! You'll find it here.

As well as adding all these new templates, lately Munch and I have been watching Celeb Big Brother in the evenings. He likes Michelle the best...

(My hand isn't that massive, btw, it's the perspective of the pic! ;) Munch however is that massive - 65kgs of fur)

I've also made this gorgeous original 'Safe'

Fairy Flutterby cards have also been added to the online store, these are so perfectly pretty. Get yours here for £2.70

The original is on ebay. (here)

And....Last but by no means least...

If you purchase any template/s from this range you will automatically go into a draw to win one of the original Oz papercuts (pictured) that were made for the Obsidian Art exhibition 2014.
3 people will win one each and they will be announced here on the PP blog at 9pm on the 28th February 2015.
Each piece has been hand drawn and hand cut and suspended over vintage book pages from the original story. The Paper Panda engraved tag is on the reverse of the frame and certificates of authenticity are included. They are the only pieces made in cream in this design. Framed size: 38x49cm
PP staff and family members are not permitted to enter. Worldwide postage is free.

You can have them posted (in A4) or emailed (in either A3 or A4):
If I only had a brain - Dorothy meets the Scarecrow
If I only had a heart - Dorothy meets the Tinman
If I only had the nerve - Dorothy meets the Lion

You can pick your favourite one or have the whole set! Huzzah!

January has been a whirlwind month, the first workshops of the year, a tonne of new templates and originals, we had a mega sale which was a huge success, many thanks to you all for your continued support and custom! We love you all, we really do! ;)

I'm off to shove a tissue up each nostril and to play the sympathy card in the hopes of getting a slice of that cake I spied in the kitchen...*Sprinkles some love around*

Toodles...P xx

Friday, 23 January 2015

Challenges and Templates!

So, the Panda Challenge last week was to make a design to the brief, "Hello, my name is...", there were so many great entries, thanks to everyone who sent work in! These were my favourites.
Kimmie made a beautiful self portrait using a combination of hand drawing and digital techniques, while Andrea made a striking papercut combined with a lovely poem. 

Here's Andrea's poem - 

Hello, my name is Mum,
I fulfil their every need.
I kiss them when they hurt themselves,
I always clothe and feed.

Hello, my name is wife,
A lover and a friend.
Go through our life together,
On each other we depend.

Hello, my name is daughter,
And granddaughter too.
My family have raised me, 
To do the things I do.

Hello, my name is organist,
On the day of rest.
Praises to our Lord,
Dressed in our Sunday best.

Hello, my name is trombonist,
I entertain and play.
People sing and dance to me,
Throughout the night and day.

Hello, my name is conductor,
I lead them from the score.
We play at many concerts,
People shout "encore encore!"

Hello, my name is papercutter,
I cut paper with a knife.
Sitting quietly at my desk,
My little escape from life.

Hello, my name is Andrea,
And now all you have is me.
Strip away all my 'names',
And this is what you see.

Underneath the busy life,
We often do neglect.
To think about all those things,
That begin to take effect.

So, take a look beyond your names,
And reach deep inside.
All your fears and worries,
You shouldn't have to hide.

Hello, my name is Andrea,
Mum, daughter, wife.
Teacher, musician, papercutter,
This is my happy life.



The custom option Floral Frame template is now available! Huzzah! 
We can add any wording of your choosing to the design; we can fit a maximum of 12-15 words over 6 lines of text. Please chose the 'Custom' option in the dropdown menu and add your chosen wording to the 'notes' box at checkout. If we are unable to fit your chosen words/quote we will email you.

 What's that, another new template?!

Surely not a third template?! I have been busy this week ;)

Friday, 16 January 2015

Exciting times!

I had some exciting news from a Panda fan this week, my book was number 10 in the Amazon New Releases chart! I just couldn't believe it, thank you so much to everyone who's pre-ordered. You'll get your book in March. If you've not got yours yet, you can get it at this link. I'm 16 on the New Releases chart now... can we get back in the top ten?!

It's time once again for another super smashing faaaaabulous Panda Challenge!!
The brief for this week's challenge is rather vague and mysterious - please feel free to interpret it as you wish and use any medium(s) you choose to create your entry. Are you ready for it...?

Panda Challenge Brief:
'Hello, my name is....'

Goodies *may* be sent out to the creators of the most interesting and artistic interpretations of the brief. wink emoticon
Everybody is welcome to take part. Entries are to be posted on the main PP wall on Sunday 18th January (please don't post them before this date as they won't be included in the challenge). 

After a crazy busy weekend and the general kind of non-stop mostly nocturnal life I've been living recently we've decided to have a bed day. Bed day is nice. It involves my favourite spotty onesie, no make-up (arrgh my eeeeyes!), a Marian Keyes book, Country Living magazine, Buddy the kitten (giving the camera his very best sleazy 'I'm a teenager, stop kissing me, mum' look) lots of tea, unopened cartons of orange juice (sneaks Coke upstairs) 8 pillows and Scrabble on my phone.
Recharge day WIN!

Who's ready for a new template?! wink emoticon 

This pretty A4 floral frame is ready to go right now. With 20 ready made options, including 'Happy Birthday', 'this too shall pass', 'there's no place like home' and even just the frame - perfect for popping over a photo for a unique little gift.

The custom option will be added next week, along with more ready made quotes soon!

It's been a busy old week.... *phew*... nipping off to Amsterdam for a relaxing weekend away! Ta-ra!

Friday, 9 January 2015

What a busy (and exciting) week we've had!!

We've been super busy this week at PPHQ.  I’ve been busily posting your lovely orders because TimSam has deserted us and swanned off on his holibobs *wahhhhh, takes away holiday entitlement*. I haven’t half missed him, but don’t tell him I said that, he’ll get all big headed and start making diva-ish demands like having his water chilled to 21 degrees or some such.

I've had some very exciting post! My book preview turned up and I think it's just spiffing!! Have you pre-ordered yours yet? If not you can snap it up from here:

We've also had loads of new paper cuts, including something a little bit new and a little bit special. I spent Monday cutting a good old fashioned fairy complete with a rainbow, hearts and glitter! I went all girly on you! Plus there were some glorious Woodland animals cuts such as 'Home', which features Bird dreaming his little birdy dreams in his nest and 'Squirrel Tree' which shows a squirrel frolicking high up in the trees. Then there was some things for you pet lovers in the form of 'Friends' which features a cat about head duff a small boy. 

Something that's excited me greatly this week was the long awaited (by me) magic cards!!! I love these! You write a little message on the middle balloon (see the pictures) then stick a magic sticker over the top and send it off to a loved one, they can then scratch off the sticker to reveal all your lovliness!

I don't think I've missed anything... I hope you've all had a fantastic week?

Monday, 5 January 2015

Hello!! New things! Yay!

All of these gorgeous originals have graced the online shop this week. You can pop through and see if your favourite is still available here.
Psst* There may be a Tiny Profanity too if you're quick! ;)

In addition to all these spangly new originals, I have been using this fancy-pants new camera holder means there will be more filming. Which means more videos like this one. Huzzah!

You'll be able to watch these Panda paws in action, drawing & cutting lots of different things and singing along to the odd song too. Win!

You can find us on YouTube here, to see these new spangly vids, along with some other ones.


We have some awesome products in the pipeline, so keep your eyes peeled and check our  Facebook and Twitter feeds for the most up to date news!
You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter for more news, offers and tidbits straight from PP HQ! Just pop over and sign up here.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Hello 2015!

So, welcome to 2015!

We have a new button near the top of our Facebook page that says 'LiveChat with us' - funnily enough, it does exactly what it says on the tin. You can chat with a member of the PP admin team live at pretty much any time from 9am until 10pm. So that's pretty exciting! 

Can you believe it's been a year since 'The Stag' went up for sale! This amazing piece spawned a whole raft of items from keyrings to mugs to mirrors and became an iconic image of Paper Panda.

First cut of the year and yes, I wrote 14 instead of 15 (the little illegible scribble at the bottom right is actually my initials LF and the year it was made). I wonder how many weeks it'll take me to get out of this habit? *gets rubber*

Hope you all had a cracking Christmas and New Year!