Friday, 29 September 2017

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Friday, 22 September 2017

Of Storms and Templates and Life Updates

Last week...
I've packed up 40 goody bags and sold them before I even got a chance to tell you guys (honestly join Patreon, you get all the good news first!). I made a poppy themed template for this months Patreon goodies then made the magpie template that's just gone in the shop..
Then, because I cut two papercuts I got a migraine and ended up in bed. It comes to something when you work so hard that you relish 24 hours in bed with a migraine.
Something woke me up during Storm Eileen so I spent the early hours of the morning being slightly funny on Twitter and gaining more than the usual 2 likes. I think it was the meds, I can't recreate it. Why is Twitter SO HARD?
Woke up and turns out the thing that kept me awake was a tree falling on our house. Yes. A whole tree.
Now, I like trees. I'm an old fashioned tree hugging hippy in fact, but I'm kinda against them using the roof I'm sleeping under to have a little rest on.
So, my reach is pants on Facebook because I've not had a chance to ramble this week, but saying that maybe the meds would have made anything I write become awesome, but most probably just garbled warbling so I kept it to Twitter where my ramblings only go noticed by about 4 people.
So this week in a nutshell goes thus:
Frantic packing of goody bags
Papercut x 2
Horrible migraine
Interesting medication
Slight and unusual Twitter interest
TREE, there's a feckin' TREE arggggh!

So, we went to the Terry Pratchett exhibition at Salisbury Museum over the weekend. If you're a fan I highly recommend it. Look out for the PP papercut on the bottom shelf of the office 
We still have a tree on our house but it's okay, we've become friends and kinda hang out together. 
Nobody tell my new mate that I'm hoping to turn him into firewood, okay? He might move and decide to get up close and personal by falling through the ceiling.
Spent yesterday stitching in front of a real fire (using a distant cousin of my new friend) and watched Indecent Proposal which I've never seen before! I've always said I wouldn't have to think twice about that million pound proposal but, dagnammit film, you may have changed my mind!
Today a cat threw up in my shoe. 
That's about it, really!
Oh. I'm now making this new template. It's THAT time of year again, you either love it or hate it. Me? Love it. Dunno why, we never do anything different and because we live in the back end of nowhere I don't get trick or treaters or anything. Boooo!
(Boooo, see what I did there??) 20% off until end of Sept!

7.30 on a Wednesday evening. I remember when I used to watch Eastenders instead of this cutting paper lark. Lingering headache but nothing too bad yet. I've messed up with this one but hoping I've saved it, my own fault for not drawing it out properly first.
Behind me are two dogs. Both rescue. Both been 'done'. maybe not as much as it should have been as she certainly in heat and the other is so old he's very confused and is still having a go despite not having any tackle. I swear he's gonna have a heart attack. I keep reminding him that he's, like, 354 in human years but he doesn't care. Someone has spiked his Senior Winalot with viagra, clearly. It's noisy, messy and they're both massive so I keep being shoved with a knife in my hand. 
Trevor Tree still on the house. He says hi.
Happiness isn't having what you want, it's wanting what you have.
Even if that's dopey dogs and a tree on your roof. xx


Saturday, 16 September 2017


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Friday, 8 September 2017

What a way to wake up!

What a way to wake up! Well, I'd rather have tea and toast but this morning we had a big scary bailiff at the door who wanted £480 for a parking ticket collected in London last year. He either wanted the cash or the car (cue panicking).
Problem. We rarely leave the house. We've never driven to London. Of coooourse he wouldn't believe that, everyone must say it I guess, but in our case it was true!
He seemed legit, checked his papers, his ID, looked him up on the internet, all okay even though it was screaming SCAM at me, and all the time I could see curtains twitching. How embarrassing! Especially as I'm wearing my Pok√©mon pyjamas 
So, we paid him. What else can you do? Hell, we don't have to eat anyway!
After lengthy phone calls and trying to sound like a grown up we've just found out the parking warden keyed in the wrong number plate.
Oh and the money? It'll take ages to come back to us.
If you were that parking warden I absolutely demand a full vegetarian English breakfast immediately!! 
Picture because we also need an elephant playing a ukulele in addition to a good rant.

(Stressed) Panda xx