Sunday, 15 October 2017

Right guys, we are going to try something new!

Right guys, we are going to try something new! This beautiful original Paper Panda papercut is called 'Settled' and was recently displayed at a National Trust exhibition in York. We are going to offer this piece in a blind auction - basically, all interested bidders submit sealed bids, so that no bidder knows the bid of any other bidder. The highest bidder pays the price they submitted and wins the cut! Got it? 
So all you have to do is email us ( with your bid using the subject 'Settled', and keep your fingers crossed! Bidding starts now and will close at 8pm on Sunday night, 15/10/17. Good luck! x

Cut from a single sheets of hammered paper, floating and framed in a handmade Paper Panda beech wood box frame.
Signed and dated on the mount and the reverse of the papercut, finished with the engraved Paper Panda plaque on the reverse.
Edition: 2/3
Size: 12x15"
Certificate of authenticity included.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

New Surprise Template - available now!

It's that time of the month again folks... Surprise Template time!
This month it's £2, but I think you'll all agree that it's worth that extra pound ;)

Here's some reviews from satisfied customers in our Papercutting Facebook Group -
~ Oh my goodness, it's gorgeous!! ~
~ Stunning, well worth it ~
~ Eeekk how beautiful <3 ~
It’s a *must* buy! Absolutely stunning ~
Just beautiful hun, worth so much more than 2 pounds ~

I hope you enjoy it too, let's just say, it'll get you in the spirit of a holiday which comes in a couple of months ;) xx

Friday, 29 September 2017

Save 25% on Original Papercuts!

These beautiful (and large!) original papercuts are currently 25% off at the LLD Flash Sale Facebook group. Don't miss out on these bargains! 


Friday, 22 September 2017

Of Storms and Templates and Life Updates

Last week...
I've packed up 40 goody bags and sold them before I even got a chance to tell you guys (honestly join Patreon, you get all the good news first!). I made a poppy themed template for this months Patreon goodies then made the magpie template that's just gone in the shop..
Then, because I cut two papercuts I got a migraine and ended up in bed. It comes to something when you work so hard that you relish 24 hours in bed with a migraine.
Something woke me up during Storm Eileen so I spent the early hours of the morning being slightly funny on Twitter and gaining more than the usual 2 likes. I think it was the meds, I can't recreate it. Why is Twitter SO HARD?
Woke up and turns out the thing that kept me awake was a tree falling on our house. Yes. A whole tree.
Now, I like trees. I'm an old fashioned tree hugging hippy in fact, but I'm kinda against them using the roof I'm sleeping under to have a little rest on.
So, my reach is pants on Facebook because I've not had a chance to ramble this week, but saying that maybe the meds would have made anything I write become awesome, but most probably just garbled warbling so I kept it to Twitter where my ramblings only go noticed by about 4 people.
So this week in a nutshell goes thus:
Frantic packing of goody bags
Papercut x 2
Horrible migraine
Interesting medication
Slight and unusual Twitter interest
TREE, there's a feckin' TREE arggggh!

So, we went to the Terry Pratchett exhibition at Salisbury Museum over the weekend. If you're a fan I highly recommend it. Look out for the PP papercut on the bottom shelf of the office 
We still have a tree on our house but it's okay, we've become friends and kinda hang out together. 
Nobody tell my new mate that I'm hoping to turn him into firewood, okay? He might move and decide to get up close and personal by falling through the ceiling.
Spent yesterday stitching in front of a real fire (using a distant cousin of my new friend) and watched Indecent Proposal which I've never seen before! I've always said I wouldn't have to think twice about that million pound proposal but, dagnammit film, you may have changed my mind!
Today a cat threw up in my shoe. 
That's about it, really!
Oh. I'm now making this new template. It's THAT time of year again, you either love it or hate it. Me? Love it. Dunno why, we never do anything different and because we live in the back end of nowhere I don't get trick or treaters or anything. Boooo!
(Boooo, see what I did there??) 20% off until end of Sept!

7.30 on a Wednesday evening. I remember when I used to watch Eastenders instead of this cutting paper lark. Lingering headache but nothing too bad yet. I've messed up with this one but hoping I've saved it, my own fault for not drawing it out properly first.
Behind me are two dogs. Both rescue. Both been 'done'. maybe not as much as it should have been as she certainly in heat and the other is so old he's very confused and is still having a go despite not having any tackle. I swear he's gonna have a heart attack. I keep reminding him that he's, like, 354 in human years but he doesn't care. Someone has spiked his Senior Winalot with viagra, clearly. It's noisy, messy and they're both massive so I keep being shoved with a knife in my hand. 
Trevor Tree still on the house. He says hi.
Happiness isn't having what you want, it's wanting what you have.
Even if that's dopey dogs and a tree on your roof. xx


Saturday, 16 September 2017


Have you tried your hand at papercutting yet? If not, why not?
You can now win our best selling papercutting kit for yourself or a friend, posted anywhere in the world. It includes everything you need to get started - equipment, hints and tips from me and literally LOADS of templates printed onto lovely cutting paper, so that you can get stuck straight in!
To win this kit just visit our Facebook contest post here, like the post and comment, or if you've already got one you could nominate someone else to win.
And remember, sharing is caring!  
*giveaway not associated with Facebook in any way at all*
I'll pick a winner on Sunday 17th Sept at 8pm by commenting on the comment. Oh, and we also sell this fabulous kit in the Paper Panda shop too, for those who don't win.  *hint hint* 
Good luck! P xx

Friday, 8 September 2017

What a way to wake up!

What a way to wake up! Well, I'd rather have tea and toast but this morning we had a big scary bailiff at the door who wanted £480 for a parking ticket collected in London last year. He either wanted the cash or the car (cue panicking).
Problem. We rarely leave the house. We've never driven to London. Of coooourse he wouldn't believe that, everyone must say it I guess, but in our case it was true!
He seemed legit, checked his papers, his ID, looked him up on the internet, all okay even though it was screaming SCAM at me, and all the time I could see curtains twitching. How embarrassing! Especially as I'm wearing my Pok√©mon pyjamas 
So, we paid him. What else can you do? Hell, we don't have to eat anyway!
After lengthy phone calls and trying to sound like a grown up we've just found out the parking warden keyed in the wrong number plate.
Oh and the money? It'll take ages to come back to us.
If you were that parking warden I absolutely demand a full vegetarian English breakfast immediately!! 
Picture because we also need an elephant playing a ukulele in addition to a good rant.

(Stressed) Panda xx

Sunday, 27 August 2017

FBH - brought to you by Chanel...?

So I was looking for my Chanel nail polish... only to find Mr P painting was using it to paint the little the cupcake on these FBH figures :O

Handmade and painted entirely from scratch by Mr P, who has spent hours perfecting them (with my nail polish). Each Hedgehog is individually hand sculpted to the highest quality, hand painted in the signature colours, and hand finished with a little cupcake. No detail has gone unnoticed, down to his tubby tum and little spikes.
 These are very super limited and each comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.
Look at his cute little face!

Love ya! Panda xx

Friday, 18 August 2017

Goodnight Sir Bruce :(

You've been making us laugh since age fourteen
It's only fair that you go have a rest
From stage to screen your talents have spanned
The airwaves, you've worked with the best
From The Muppets to dancing and Generation Games
You grew old with quite awesome disgrace
Turning cards with dolly birds, higher or lower
Always with a grin on your face
On Saturday nights you'd bring out a car
And ask us to go guess the price
It's safe to say that'll you'll be missed
It's been nice to see you, to see you nice.

Sir Bruce Forsyth 22 February 1928 – 18 August 2017

Friday, 11 August 2017

Miniature papercuts... coming soon?

It's been a long time since I made any tiny papercuts... but I've been back at it!
Keep your eyes on the Paper Panda site on 12th August, you might get lucky, that's all I'm saying!

Panda xx

Friday, 4 August 2017

Victorian Wild...

Meet the Victorian Wild animals!
Designed by Ryan (Mr P), these four woodland animals have a splendid vintage style.

Mr Meles, the Badger

Mr Brown, the Bear 

Mr Vulpes, the Fox 

Ms Alba, the Barn Owl 

Friday, 28 July 2017

Custom ACEO sketches!

Recently I've been really enjoying making custom ACEO sketches! 
I love seeing what ideas you have - here are some of my favourites. 
If you have an idea you've always wanted me to sketch, you can get your own here

Have a great weekend! 
Panda xx

Friday, 21 July 2017

Great weather for ducks...

Isn't this fabulous weather for a July weekend? Great weather for ducks, anyway.
Bunny and Bird seem happy enough though eh?

Not much to show you here at the moment because I'm busy illustrating my new book. Nearly there though, on the last four drawings. If you're a Patreon you get sneak peeks though so come and join us on Patreon, maybe, y'know, if you wanna.

Hmm, 'great weather for ducks'... reminds me of this template.

Ryan has gone food shopping, I'm drawing a mouse offering his cheese to put in FBH's cake, the animals are trumping and the rain is raining through the window next to me.

Happy Friday everyone 

Panda xx

Friday, 14 July 2017

Classic Wonderland designs now available as templates!

Four classic Alice In Wonderland inspired designs
are now available as templates.
These are available with commercial licences too,
so you can sell them once you've mastered the cutting!
These are pretty advanced ones, but I know you'll enjoy them.

They're also available as a bundle pack of all four for a bargain price!

Panda xx

Friday, 7 July 2017

New Guest Artist templates

Wildchild Designs has done it again with these two new designs, available now exclusively from Paper Panda!

Green Man is a symbol of rebirth and growth, a woodland spirit strongly associated with the coming of Spring. He is depicted here surrounded by foliage, berries and subtle hint of Celtic design.

Green Woman is the counterpart to Green Man, a Goddess of Nature and Mother to the woodlands.

These designs are aimed at more advanced cutters, but I hope you will give them a try!
The symmetry and detail is just spectacular.

Panda xx

Friday, 30 June 2017

New Collectible ACEO Prints

There's three new collectors ACEO prints available!
I'm really pleased with these ones, I hope you like them as much as I do.

'She Slept Amongst The Wolves'

'Westie In Wonderland'

There's now 26 different prints to collect! Have you got them all?

Panda xx