Saturday, 15 March 2014

Twitter Design Competition

Last Friday we set a competition on Twitter to design an original papercut, based on your favourite song/lyric - the more inventive and imaginative the interpretation, the better! 
I have spent today reviewing all entries with Lou W and Julie (the PP admin team) and I am utterly gobsmacked by the talent there is out there! *runs away to join the circus instead* hee hee...
I thank you all so much for entering our competition. 
Massive thanks goes to Julie for helping run it, and a bigger thank you to everyone that took part. 
It shows me how much you love papercutting and I hope you've all enjoyed making these as much as we've enjoyed looking through your entries. It's been a right bugger trying to find our favourites. 
We've gone for a right mix from ones that fit the brief perfectly, to ones that made us go '"N'aaaw" and ones that really should be in a gallery... So - here are the results...!

We chose an overall winner between us and then each picked one runner up.

WINNER - @bellatilley.
For the cleverest, most amazing design!

Panda's runner up - @spooni_toon.
Awesome concept and totally different to other cutters - this should be in a gallery!

Julie's runner up - @annienaan.
Most unique interpretation of the brief.

Lou W's runner up - @kimbutlerdesign (on behalf of Kim's Mother-in-law).
Fantastic use of positive and negative space!

The winner gets a magnificent PP goody bag and each runner up wins a print of their choice. Please email your details to

* * * * *

Here are collages of all the amazing entries :) Well done and thank you again for entering xx


  1. Wow, these are all amazing!

  2. Woweee Louise! Amazing entries. It makes my little efforts from last week look rather tame! Never mind, that means I can improve ;-)
    Its wonderful how you have inspired so many people to have a go at this lovely craft.

  3. I cannot believe all these people can do this! The minute I can I have to get a kit. Sure wish I would have known about this art before I had arthritis in my hands! PP your work is definitely in a class all its own!! The bat is definitely incredible......

  4. some fabulous designs and a lot of talent out there have just followed your lovely blog xx

  5. Fabulous entries and a worthy winner congratulations!

  6. Oh my god, the tree & birdy one is stunning!