Friday, 6 November 2015

Christmas for Blue Cross!

Every year I get lots of gorgeous treats & pressies sent to me for Christmas, which is super lovely and I am ever so grateful, but I really am just running out of space to
keep all my pretties *first world problems*! Well so Mr P says. *Carefully leans past goodies to reach Coke*

So this year we have a super spiffing idea to make Christmas special and you don't need to send me a present at all, that's right, send all the presents to The Emily!
Just kidding, obv. We are hoping to raise many pennies for Blue Cross animal charity. We have already raised over £1000 this year and there's more to come, hooray! All my friends and family are joining in and now, if you'd like to, then you can too!

So instead of sending me that lovely gift, you can donate it to our auction event. That way someone can buy a lovely present for their friends & family AND I get a lovely present, because you've helped the furbabies! Huzzah! It really is the best possible present I can receive knowing that we are helping the animals.

There are some really beautiful offerings from a large stunning quilled pieced by Cut By Hand (our very own lovely Carla Bagshaw), my own Deans Ragdoll panda limited edition bear with a drawn aceo of the Woodland Friends of your choice, paper flowers by Samaflora, Embroidered hoops from Crafts Outrageous and many more simple wonderful things! So just buy bidding or buying you'll be helping the animals this Christmas.

Hope to see you there!

P xx (and The Emily - can you tell what part she wrote? ;) )

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