Friday, 24 March 2017

Paper Panda Newsletter!

On the third Sunday of every month, we will be sending out a newsletter to our subscribers. You can subscribe within your account on our website. The following Friday, I'll be posting the contents of the newsletter here on the blog in case you missed it :)

Welcome back to the Paper Panda newsletter!
After a brief hiatus *ahem* we are back to monthly newsletters again!
Hopefully! ;)

This month we saw the first template totally created by Mr P! It took him around 2 months to perfect these designs, from concept drawings to finished cut - yes, he's quickly becoming an accomplished cutter too - I think they're just stunning.
The collection is called 'Victorian Wild' and this is the first character released as a template - meet Mr Brown the bear.
Doesn't he look dapper in his bowler hat and tie?
Available as a digital template, and a physical kit complete with all the papers you need.

From 25th March to 7th May, Paper Panda papercuts will be exhibited at the picturesque Yorkshire manor house, Nunnington Hall,

alongside fellow paper artists handpicked to exhibit with me.

You'll be able to purchase the papercuts there too!

The largest sheet of handmade paper measures 14.95 x 10 metres and was made by the students of
Colegio Salesiano Don Bosco de Ypacarai, Paraguay, on 7 August 2015.
Around 250 students created the giant sheet of paper from recycled newspaper.
Imagine the frame you'd need for that!

These new sketch prints have been very popular. They're 13cm square and limited to only 30 of each. They come with a mini certificate of authenticity.
We only have a couple left at the moment, which sketches would you like to see in this format next?
Feeling even happier than a hedgehog in a hat!

I love this nail polish by Jessica, it's called Soigne and it's a beautiful pale grey shimmer. Delightful!
And a bargain too!

Official PP Miniaturist Loz has been at it again!
Her nimble fingers have created some more tiny versions of some favourite Paper Panda designs.
Loz is....just amazing. She may even be better than me, but don't tell her I told you so :)

That's it for now - see you next month!

Friday, 3 March 2017

Surprise Surprise!

The first of a new month has just swung round, and that means a new surprise template! 

It gets better this month as we have also added a new surprise colouring sheet. How 'bout that for a cheeky little addition! 

You can find them both here -

Coming soon! 

Mr Panda has been working on a range of stylistic animals called Victorian Wild. There's four so far. This is Mr Brown in progress and he'll be a template kit available for you to make yourself very soon!