Friday, 4 September 2015

Talented Admin and Busy Busy Busy Panda Team!

So, last week some of you eagle eyed folks noticed the new section in the store - Team Panda Makes. This will be full of things made by members of the team, keep your eyes peeled on that for some fun new things in the future.
These little bits of space were painted by 'The Emily' of admin fame. Each depicted it's own unique night sky scenery, with pretty colourful auroras, meteors and a multitude of tiny stars.
Good luck if you managed to snag one, they sold out pretty fast! 
I'm pretty sure she will be painting some more at some point... but it's Admin Vicky's turn next... :D

We have had some a busy days and nights here at PPHQ, packing up all your lovely orders! 
Cake, coke and retro fizzy sweets saw us through, plus my glamorous assistant, Mr P.

He's a star :)

And like a lot of you, I'm sure, it was my children's first day back at school this week.
I remember Poppy when it was her first day at junior school when she looked so tiny and not big enough to fill her uniform. Aww!
I figured it could also be Bunny's first day as a parent taking his little one to school. Rabbits only have to wear ties though ;)

Have a fabulous week, Pandinos! :D x

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