Friday, 26 August 2016

Mr P Prints!

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Friday, 12 August 2016

Catching Stars....

It was a clear starry night, and Bunny and Bird were settling down to sleep under a tall tree. All around them was quiet, until they heard a noise up in the branches.
*rustle, rustle*
The rustling sound was followed by a sad sounding "Oh...", and then by more rustling, louder this time, as if it was getting closer.
Suddenly, a little face popped down through the leaves.
Startled, Bunny sat up and looked around. He couldn't see anyone.
"Up here!" said the voice in the leaves.
Bird cautiously fluttered up to the tree, and was pleased to find Squiggle hanging upside down by his tail (and not a scary tree-monster).
"Oh! Hi Squiggle! You frightened us!" Bird tweeted.
"What's all the fuss, Squiggle? You were rummaging around a lot up there!" said Bunny.
"Sorry I disturbed you! I was trying to catch a star, like you two do! I've seen you with baskets full of stars, and I can't even catch just one" Squiggle replied, sounding dejected.
"Don't give up Squiggle! You don't need to climb up the tree to catch stars, come with us, we will show you!"
Bunny started walking quickly, and Squiggle and Bird soon followed.
"If we run up to the top of this big hill, the stars will be so close that we can touch them."
Squiggle ran as fast as he could, following Bunny, while Bird flew overhead.
As they reached the top of the hill, the sky filled with stars, right down to the ground.
Squiggle squealed with delight. "Goodness Bunny, you're right! This is the best night ever!" he exclaimed, as he filled his basket with stars.

*Story by our very own Admin Vicky.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Life it too short for boring pants!

This will always be one of my favourite sketches...

Made even better by the fact that my little knitted FBH has his very own knitted knickers! ;) 

You can get your own Finn Biddybum (sans Pants) in the store here.