Friday, 17 July 2015

Birthdays! :)

So today is that day! You know the one, it's the day you hope doesnt come round so quickly but love it when it does! Birthday time! Another year older, eek! Technically I get to say I am another year wiser too! (Insert Mr P's sniggering) But we will probably just stick to another year older hehe!

This year I have been treated and spoilt by so many people. I cannot thank each and everyone of you enough, all of the cards, messages and presents have been both amazing and overwhelming! I feel all the love I have been sent, and I hope you all felt my love in return! I'm not going to share any specific gifts as I truly love every single one, and picking one would be like picking your favourite cake! (Y'all know that's not possible right??) But I can say I did receive some rather amazing foxy socks :) and they're fabulous!

I also learned something very important today! That I share a birthday with the one and only David Hasselhoff! Eek! Thanks to the super Emily I now know that each year this mighty fine sex god ----> (sniggers) is possibly opening cards and presents at the same time as me! :) How cool :)

I am going to get back to enjoying the rest of my birthday, once again thank you for making it such a lovely day! :) Mwah xxx

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