Friday, 26 February 2016

Seriously super exciting news!

Anyone here been waiting for news of the new book...? 
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It is due for release in Sept 2016 and we have decided to take pre-orders now - and what's more, all pre-orders will be SIGNED!

The book begins with a design section taking you through a personal account of what inspires me, how I work, and how Paper Panda came about! The techniques involved in papercutting are explained with step-by-step demos, from the design process to the finished artwork.
There are 20 papercut projects in the book; five from moi and five each from three of my very favourite design colleagues (Sarah Trumbauer, Louise Dyer and Suzy Taylor). Each project will consist of a template (full-size) and detailed instructions. The designs will be simple enough for beginners, though attractive and interesting enough to inspire more advanced papercutters.

This is the only place to get your signed copy!
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Friday, 19 February 2016

What's on my mind?..

What's on my mind?..

Well...After Norman Reedus got bitten by a fan at a photo op already this totally scuppers my plans to take a big chunk out of his ass over this weekend. Gutted. I'll just look like I'm copying.What does Norman's ass even taste like? Cake or sweaty farm boy?

My husband just told the cat to 'man up' because he has a meow like a pussy. Shall I tell him or will you?

It always seems to be a good idea to buy cheese until you've eaten the whole block. On its own. Again.

Is it safe to order from Ocado again? Is there still a lack of Coke in glass bottles? I just can't take the disappointment right now.

Does Munch know the difference between the 3 Ragdoll cats by the way they smell or look? They all look pretty much the same y'see. Do he just think it's ONE cat that moves around really fast?

Seeing as all of my cats look the same surely Mr P won't notice if I smuggle one more in? I'd call it God. God is a good name for a cat.

I've had both of the soft pillows now for 4 nights in a row. This is totally unheard of and if he wasn't here 24/7 I'd think he was up to something and feeling guilty. What have I done to deserve such comfort?

Why do people get upset when the squirrels take all the bird food? I get well excited when I see a squirrel. Birds? Not so much. As this is the case surely it should be a squirrel feeder instead?
Yes. It is now a squirrel feeder.

What day is it, anyway?..

Friday, 12 February 2016

Papercut Design Competition

This week has been all about INSPIRATION. We ran a papercut competition in our papercrafting group

The brief was simple. I created a basic tree shape, and I asked for our group members to interpret it however they wish. They could add bits, take bits away, go outside the lines or resize it. The idea was for those who don't usually create their own designs to try and push their limits. But this wasnt just for novices, we asked experienced designers to push their own limits and to have fun designing something new.

The mixture of designs was incredible. There was so much imagination put into each design and choosing two winners was incredibly hard. The designs ranged from trees, to fairies, to hot air balloons, animals, buildings and much much more. Here are the two designs that me and the admin team chose as our winners :) They stood out to us for many different reasons!

The Lighthouse was designed by Amy Ponting and the Playful Cat was designed by Lisa Watson.

Please join me in congratulating them! Well done to both of you! I cannot wait to see what you come up with next!

Panda hugs xxx

Friday, 5 February 2016

Some days you just have to create your own sunshine...

Bunny was grumbling to himself, "It's been so rainy and dull recently. My ears are all damp from the wet weather, my tail is cold... it's just no fun at all." He slumped down onto the wet grass, which stained his white belly fur an odd green colour. He let out a sigh.
Bird was watching from a nearby tree. He didn't like to see Bunny unhappy and cold, but he knew that bunnies couldn't fly up into the tree branches for shelter from the weather. 
He had a plan. 
He flew out of the tree, higher, higher into the sky. He closed his eyes as he flew bravely through the thick grey cloud. As he emerged from the cloud, he opened his eyes to see a beautiful blue sky with a lovely warm sun shining down. "Mr Sun!" he tweeted loudly. The sun with his jolly smiling face looked down at Bird. "Hello there Bird", Mr Sun replied, "I'm afraid I'm not having much luck today getting through these clouds, you'll have to take a little bit of sunshine with you!" 
Mr Sun sent down some rays of warm sunlight. Bird gathered them together with some string, and they formed into a perfect miniature sun. 
As Bird carefully flew back down through the clouds, the happy little sunshine followed him. 
Bunny felt the air get warmer and brighter, and a huge smile grew on his face.
"Thank you so much, Bird! Some days you just have to create your own sunshine!"

If you place an order in the next few weeks, one of these ACEO prints might be coming to you!