Saturday, 8 August 2015

Sales and Excitement!
So we have had our sale running since the 31st and we still have some bargains left, but once they are gone they are gone forever! Eek! Sadly we are shifting existing stocks of some of our favourite items to make way for some new exciting lines :) Going are some of our favourite cards but we have this little beaut as the first of our new lines to be added :)

What do you think? Me? I adore it, in fact this is one of my favourite ever cuts.

So apart from our sale, its been pretty busy here at PPHQ, we are gearing up for Tiny Tuesday! Eek! It is that exciting time for not just those wanting to buy, but me too! It makes me really nervous for reasons I cannot understand! So when is Tiny Tuesday going to happen? Oh, well I have this handy little photo :)

Be there, or be square! :) xx

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