Friday, 24 July 2015

Thrilling Quilling...

Hello Panda fans!

My exhibition at Obsidian Art is well underway, and there's still lots of pieces available. Some of these pieces are one-offs and won't be repeated, so if you're interested, pop them a message. They offer a payment plan too, so it's ideal for every budget!

I'm also excited because we are having some more quilling kits made up for us as we speak. They were really popular last time, and we are still taking pre-orders. They will (fingers crossed) be sent out next week!

It's almost New ACEO time, doesn't the month fly by so fast!
This set will be gone on the 28th July, so if you're wanting these ones, now's the time.

I've also got my smiley face plastered on the Crafts Beautiful blog this month, so, go hop on over to their blog to read 10 top papercutting tips, and bag yourself a free template as well.

Ta-ra for now, see you next time! xx

Friday, 17 July 2015

Birthdays! :)

So today is that day! You know the one, it's the day you hope doesnt come round so quickly but love it when it does! Birthday time! Another year older, eek! Technically I get to say I am another year wiser too! (Insert Mr P's sniggering) But we will probably just stick to another year older hehe!

This year I have been treated and spoilt by so many people. I cannot thank each and everyone of you enough, all of the cards, messages and presents have been both amazing and overwhelming! I feel all the love I have been sent, and I hope you all felt my love in return! I'm not going to share any specific gifts as I truly love every single one, and picking one would be like picking your favourite cake! (Y'all know that's not possible right??) But I can say I did receive some rather amazing foxy socks :) and they're fabulous!

I also learned something very important today! That I share a birthday with the one and only David Hasselhoff! Eek! Thanks to the super Emily I now know that each year this mighty fine sex god ----> (sniggers) is possibly opening cards and presents at the same time as me! :) How cool :)

I am going to get back to enjoying the rest of my birthday, once again thank you for making it such a lovely day! :) Mwah xxx

Friday, 10 July 2015

Healing hugs for Chewy

This Week we had drama at PPHQ when my beloved Chewy became very sick. This week has been daily trips to our local vets for tests and checks which ended up with poor Chewy on a drip. It was truly heartbreaking to see him so poorly, he was refusing to eat or even move and became really limp. It was awful for him but also for the whole family who are used to him running around our feet trying to trip us up!

It became very scary when we realised that in the stresses of work and family life that we had let his insurance lapse. When you lot found out that the insurance hadn't been renewed there were LOADS of people offering support, auctioning items and donating their hard earned cash to his vets bill. I honestly couldn't believe it. Faith in humanity completely restored.

I cannot express how much every message, virtual hug, donation and offer to help has meant to me and my family, and it has helped me get through a tough and stressful week. Without this support I honestly don't know how I would have coped. So THANK YOU, every single one of you, THANK YOU xxxx

On a Brighter note this week one of my lovely admin team challenged the papercutting group to interpret what Paper Panda meant to them. This could have been by any means or medium, and we had some incredible entries! From drawings, pictures, quotes, poems and just words of general loveliness! Here is a few of my favourites! (It was super hard to pick a couple as they were all so lovely)
Picture by Rose O'Shea

Poem by Anna Goadby

There is a world of paper art,
An art that is close to our heart.
Across the world we pick up a knife,
But in aid of art not to take a life.
We are a group, although we've not met,
Who share pics of our favourite pet.
We share our stories part of our lives,
All whilst creating with our knives.
Acts of kindness not of hate,
Is what makes this group great.
We came together because we care,
For an artist, known as a bear.
From a little village in the Cotswolds,
Come pretty pics to cure blues and colds.
promoting kindness and good deeds,
Whilst we shop to fill our craft needs.
Our thanks to paper panda we owe,
For the love in the group does grow.
Thanks to panda we have learnt to be kind,
We are not strangers, we are of same mind.
Paper and knife, cake to eat,
We are Just friends who are yet to meet.

Poem by Jessica Massey

There once was a Paper Panda. There never was a woman grander.
She has big boobs and an even bigger heart paper cutting is her art.
A beautiful talent she likes to share and about other people she really does care.

So she decided to create a group, and lots of people went whoop whoop whoop.
A group who share a love of craft a place where you’re never made to feel daft.
But it’s not just Lou who runs the dream she also has a fabulous team.
She has Tim Sam who we all like to scare by wanting to see him in underwear.
Then there’s Dan the admin man. Let’s give him a clap for being a real nice chap.
Next up is Emily with her pretty smile to help she`ll go an extra mile.
Vicky has the rainbow hair to forget her I wouldn’t dare.
Then of course there is Julie too she’s a lovely lady through and through.
There’s coke and cake and laughs galore it’s never stops there’s always more.
Mr whippy is so yummy just like Lou who is rather scrummy wink emoticon
There’s chewy and munch who are part of the bunch.
I’m sorry this poem is so lame my lack of drawing skills are to blame.
And although comic sans is a really big no honestly it was the only way to go.
So now you ask what does paper panda mean? Its friends and family and following a dream.
Its being yourself and believing in you it’s following your heart and always being true.
It’s an inspiration to many around, a helpful word and smile can always be found.
It’s being confident and learning a skill, picking up and knife and having a thrill.
Cutting up paper to make some art, paper panda is part of our heart.

With so many entries I wish I could share them all, but along with the support for Chewy this thread and the love for Paper Panda was so immense it has made what was a dreadful week into something immensely lovely and bearable.Thank you for being there for me!
Lots of love and Panda snogs! Mwah xxx

Friday, 3 July 2015

Hot, hot.... and boy, it's hot!

Well, what is there to say this week? It has been a rare week for us Brits! It's been practically tropical :) The weather has been absolutely glorious! But in true Brit style I've had a bit of a moan. Hehe!

But I have to say it's nice not to be cold! :) But as much as i have been enjoying the heat it hasnt been so rosy for my poor Munch! He's been super hot but you all came to the rescue with your hints and tips!

So Thanks for the cool dog tips! Bought an ice machine (never room in the freezer!) so they have ice water, a dog pool, 2 air cons on the way and 2 dog lollipops made from Chinese containers, Babybell, duck, carrots and green beans are freezing. Munch just had a bubblegum Calippo which I'm sure isn't good for him but it will have helped!

He is now chilling out in the shade with Chewy!

Also We had a HUGE 50% off templates sale! Which was super successful! But naughty Mr Facebook hid the post so I have decided to do another one on Monday 6th 7pm till 10.30pm GMT. Don't miss out, there will not be another one of these till next year!

Well today is supposed to be my day off so I am going to find the closest Mr Whippy and eat one! Ok, I might have two! Have fun everyone :)