Friday, 16 October 2015

Templates templates everywhere!

This week we have seen 2 of our most popular templates released, firstly was the Woodland Friends do Halloween template which you all went crazy for! It's a lovely little template, I love creating fun little scenes for our favourite characters to interact with :) From your lovely suggestions this template was born :)

"BOO! What do you think of my Halloween costume, Finn?" asked Bunny.
"WAHH!" replied FBH. "A spooky ghost!" He jumped so hard that his bucket of sweeties went flying everywhere. "Oh Bunny, I was so spooked I almost rolled up into a ball! And now my sweets are all over the floor." he sighed.
"Sorry Finn," replied Bunny, "I'll help you pick them up. Let's go Trick or Treating to get some more!"

The second and most popular template for a long while has been the new Surprise template for October :) There's no pictures at this time as we are hoping to keep this one a secret for as long as possible :) But it is a little special and by your reaction on of your favourites :) It was so popular we managed to break the internet! I don't have a Kim Kardashian Bum, but I have a Finn Biddybum and that's even better!

And here is everyone's favourite little cake muncher staring in awe at his cake mountain! :) This colouring sheet is a dual use one, as some of you have cut this little beauty! All those lines :O But oh so fun!!

All these templates are available now on our website :)

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