Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Happiest Template in the Universe - Contest Results!

Ice cream with wafers and cupcakes with sprinkles,
Blue-haired unicorns and little stars that twinkle,
Colourful rainbows and Bird's little wing, 
This template is my new favourite thing!

But there's so many ways that this new template can be customised.
What colour mane would your unicorn have?
What flavour will your ice cream be?
What colour are your balloons? So many choices! 

I'm Admin Vicky and I'm a rainbow fan (complete with rainbow hair!)

Oh go on, here's a pic, excuse the chins! 

I wanted to see how you would make this template unique to you.
I asked the super-creative folk in our Facebook group to cut the template and post a photo of the finished design.
There were tons of entries, and I spent far too long ooh-ing and aah-ing over them! 
Everyone made totally awesome designs, with glitter, rainbows, pearly bits, holographic-ness, basically everything you need for the Happiest Template in the Universe!

Before I announce the winner, first, some honorable mentions!
Katherine made this very British colour scheme with tons of glitter and a super cheeky sun! 

Laura's design looked stunning in black, with a dazzling gold holographic background.

Loz made a super-sparkly one, with a teeny weeny lickle one!
Must have square eyes after making that ;)

But, there can only be one winner!
The person I have chosen, cut this design not only once, but five times... each one very different to the last, including a miniature one, a black one, and pastel rainbow ones... containing everything I love from rainbows to glitter and everything in between, showing great creativity, originality and cutting skill.

So congratulations LOUISA WESTLAKE... you are the lucky winner!

I'm just in love and awe with that tiny little one with infills too!! :O

Thank you to everyone who entered, and I hope you loved cutting the template, it's been a joy looking through all of your creations, and you're all winners to me! :)

Love and rainbows, Admin Vicky x

Friday, 29 May 2015

The Best Prank Ever, gone slightly awry! ;)

Once upon a time there was a wonderful admin team. This team were so efficient and they followed instructions, no questions asked. One day Mrs P, leader of this team, asked for a list items for a restock. In that list she included something utterly hilarious, probably inappropriate and completely random. As a joke, of course. Without question the team, okay - Emily, went ahead and purchased the list of items...including said prank item.
This 'prank item' has now been dispatched and will be arriving at PP HQ soon - leaving Mrs P with the task of explaining to all the wonderful people looking at the accounts and the bank manager, what in the world it has to do with papercutting! *chuckles*
This left the team in fits of uncontrollable laughter, for days on end. Right up to this moment.*insert howling laughter, with tears and maybe a little wee here*
...To be continued....

Have a great weekend m'dears! xxx

To find out what this mystery item is, you'll have to tune to the next newsletter. It may or may not have something to do with foxes. *sniggers*

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

All About the Art!!


All About the Art!

This week has been another fab week for art sharing :) We have showcased some incredible artists and shared some beautiful pieces of art.
A recurring theme this week was colour. With pieces by Katy Jade Dobson and Jen Stark for example, involving colours in ways that both inspire me and leave me in awe!

(Stag and Watercolour collage images by Katy Jade Dobson and Infinity Colour Sculptures by Jen Stark)

 Along side of these incredible colour artists we have shared some amazingly talented artists who used paper as their medium of choice. Ranging from book sculptors to Wet Folding Origami Artists. Each are able to turn simple and humble paper into art. These artists I instantly have a connection with due to the nature of our work, and obviously, our joint love of paper!

Not only these this week, but we have been busy behind the scenes this week, designing and creating new cuts for you all to see! 
The life of an artist is a fabulous one, it truly is, I get to immerse myself in something I enjoy doing every day. But it requires a lot of hard work, long hours, a bucketload of failure and some very long nights of thinking 'is it worth the stress?' And my answer? It is. Always do something you enjoy - life is much richer when you do!

 As most of you will know that I am not the only artist in my household! My wonderful husband, the very talented Bafta award winning artist, Mr P shares my love of the creative, and a short while back we offered up custom slots for ACEO's.
They sold like hotcakes, and we received so many requests for more that we decided to release limited print runs of Mr P's incredible ACEO's!

This selection is the first to be released, but time is running out if you wish to purchase one or more of these. From the 27th this set will no longer be available to purchase! But don't despair! From the 28th, the next set of 5 shall be available Eeek!

So while you can dont forget to buy yours :)

On that note, my desk is calling my name! 
Happy Saturday :)

Friday, 15 May 2015

The Happiest Template In The Universe Competition!

Introducing The Happiest Template In The Universe!

Ice cream with wafers and cupcakes with sprinkles,
Blue-haired unicorns and little stars that twinkle,
Colourful rainbows and Bird's little wing,
This template is my new favourite thing!
But there's so many ways that this new template can be customised.
What colour mane would your unicorn have? What flavour will your ice cream be? What colour are your balloons? So many choices!

You can get your template here - *Click Me*
Lovely Admin Vicky is a rainbow fan (and even has rainbow hair!) She wants to see how you would make this template unique to you. Pop a photo of your completed template in the comments on the pinned post in our facebook group -

At the end of the month on 31st, Vicky will choose her favourite and that lucky person will win a £50 voucher!

Huzzah!! We can't wait to see what you come up with! Good luck!

Giveaway not endorsed by, sponsored by, or associated with Facebook in any way, shape or form. x

Sunday, 10 May 2015

'Resting' my elbow... ;)

Had an AMAZING workshop last weekend, we had a right laugh and made some new friends. We talked about the best bra's for big boobs, fetishes, body modification and trolls all whilst we snipped bits of paper. Such fun!
And LOOK AT THE CAKE!!!!!!!! How wonderful? A PP logo cake, perfectly made and a set of little Mr Whippy cakes with rainbow sponge complete with flake! Presents! Yummy presents!!! And a lovely candle too with a henna pattern on...but the best bit was the laughter. Lovely group of people today, thank you for making my Sunday a special one.

I don't think I have the hang of this 'bank holiday, do nothing' malarkey! I have been -

Resting my elbow. For, like, a whole 10 minutes. That's totally enough, right?! (I have rested it properly, honest. That big needle hurt.) 

Eating cake - It was yummy, thank you Kath for bringing it to the workshop yesterday! 

Painting my nails. Purple - incase you're wondering. 

Having kitty snuggles. I like to bury my face in their fur and just smell them. They smell like shortbread. It's my favourite thing to do. It's not weird, at all right? (Maybe just a little bit crazy cat lady.)

Walking Stink 1 and Stink 2 in the rain. Affectionate names for the doggies - not the children *winks* 

Twirling my scalpel around some paper. I made these tiny, ickle cuts. Note the tiny hearts and stars in the background too. *squints* 

I did a little bit of couch flopping too, it's hard work being a Panda y'know! 

This piece indicates how beautifully the natural world is intertwined.
*takes plum out of mouth and replaces with cake*
I present to you...swirly stuff with some animals.

Also, new template!
I am good to you! ;)

Friday, 1 May 2015

Paper Panda And The Unfortunate Incident With The Concentrated Juice

Last week we travelled to Stoke on Trent for the Bargain Hunt audition. We were very super nervous but excited too because we've been Bargain Hunt nerds, sorry, fans since it first aired with the lovely David Dickenson. We always thought we could totally do it and buy lots of wonderfully weird things to sell at auction and make enough money to go into early retirement, or at least enough to get a Mr Whippy on the way home.
There were eight couples altogether, some really nice, and infinitely more unusual/interesting than us, but as only four get to go through to the show I'm not reet keen on our chances to be honest. We did a mock bonus buy reveal which went okay (it was a Mickey Mouse spoon worth a fiver) but when it came to the practise 'Tim' interview I totally fluffed it and seemed to lose the ability to put a sentence together.
"Hello, I'm Louise and I cut paper and am also called Panda and and and...I like animals with clothes on...riding bikes and such...maybe wearing a jolly hat...?" *sweat drips from face as dayglo red fleece makes you feel like you're standing in a small, low budget microwave* "...and I like cake".
Mr P: "I like, um...sculpting and dead things".
So, I'm not sure we'll get on the show as we made a bit of a corn beef hash of things, but it was a proper jolly day!

Also this week, I worked on a rather large therefore scruffy design that if it works out will wrap around a new posh cup. Now I've said it, it will probably be totally poo, but the intention is there. I got up before midday and everything...
In other totally unrelated news, imagine the headline:
"Paper Panda And The Unfortunate Incident With The Concentrated Juice"
I'm a very well hydrated bear after accidentally drinking a litre bottle of cranberry concentrated juice yesterday thinking it was one of those snazzy high tech energy drinks. Yup, a full bottle, I am THAT stupid. Rapidly chugged eight bottles of Evian in a vain attempt to dilute it in my tummy and by jumping up and down I managed to not only look like a total divvi but also created an unusual sloshing sound much to the delight of my cat.
The following seven hours were spent on the loo. I did catch up with Word Brain, though...

New in the shop this week - stunning prints taken from the original sketches handdrawn by Mr.P
Mr P was given 4 words to make into each miniature illustration that led to this amazing array of different drawings, often featuring objects that wouldn't ever usually be seen together such as a hen nesting on a pile of pencils.
These five designs are only available for 1 month, so don't miss out!

One cup (!) design:
10 hours
3 Adam & Joe pod casts
37 blades
2 hares
1 leftover bottle of water from The Unfortunate Cordial Incident
1 Roast dinner at Nanny P's
1 badger
1 piece of 160gsm hammered paper
5 Adam Ant Songs
7 Cokes
84 chewing gums
1 episode of Bargain Hunt
1 overused rubber (Helix Oxford)
2 broken nails
2 pencils (HB and 3B)
1 bum dance to Go Do by Jonsi
1 conversation where I try to convince TimSam to do a shampoo advert

Today I...
- Celebrated Chewy's big one birthday!
- Made some ickle tiny papercuts.
- Got 68 points for 'earlier' in Scrabble.
- Had curry on jacket potato for dinner.
- Made a papercut cat with a tiny gold mouse inside.
- Switched from full fat Coke to Curiosity Cola for the day (yum!).
- Wore my flip flops for the first time in 2015.
- Was very jealous of TimSam's hair which looked particularly salon fresh today. (Look out for TimSam's Beauty Tips in the next newsletter!).
- Painted my nails pink but shall continue to take photos of my cuts in progress in unusual ways until the two nails I broke grow back.
- Listened to 'Betty Davis Eyes' on repeat for 35 minutes until I was convinced that I do indeed have Betty Davis eyes (not that I'd know, I haven't checked).
- Missed the Mr Whippy van (that constitutes a day of dieting then really, doesn't it?)
- Wrote this post then...*looks into the future* watches Bargain Hunt

The Rock and roll lifestyle of a panda wink emoticon

Until next week folks, over and out!