Friday, 28 August 2015

Positive Positivity

Positive Positivity :)

This week has been a brilliant week :) Woke up early every morning ready and raring to go! Eek, this getting up early lark is really quite invigorating! :) But do have to admit it is tiring, but the sense of accomplishment is worth all the hard work :) Looking forward to the Autumn period, have some great things planned for PP and of course the run up to (shhhhh don't tell anyone I said this word this early) Christmas!
Having such a positive attitude this week I wish to share it with you all! So I challenge you all each day to do something positive and hold that positivity all day! Don't let it go!

On that positive note, do you know what week it is?? It's new ACEO week!! I know I say this almost every month, but I do think this months set is my favourite set so far! There is something for everyone. A rockstar rabbit, dragons, giraffes, fairies and a flamingo!!! Remember, this set is available for just 1 month and each one comes hand signed on the back by the wonderful Mr P himself.

These also fit wonderfully in our handmade ACEO frames! So don't miss out get yours now xx

Panda hugs and Panda snogs! xxx

Friday, 21 August 2015

Tiny Tuesday!

So, I've only just managed to catch my breath after Tiny Tuesday!
Some of the cuts sold in record time, thank you so much to everyone who bought one, and commiserations if you weren't lucky this time, it will happen for you one day!

Also, the new August Surprise template has just gone live, sorry it's late, I've been poorly sick and supposed to be resting... like I can ever shut off ;)
I think you'll like it though. It's a sweet one.

Speaking of resting, I'd better follow Doctor's orders and go for a lie down... wait, let me just cut this one last thing...

Friday, 14 August 2015

What a week...
This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me, it started with a stay in Cheltenham hospital :( I was very poorly this week but was expertly looked after in hospital and after scans, tests and some questionable poking and prodding, I was soon well enough to discharge myself to be treated as an outpatient at home. Love the work our NHS tirelessly does and they were super helpful in hospital, but I am much more comfortable at home. Mr P is such a good doctor I may even have to buy him an outfit! I am lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life who looks after me like I'm a princess!

Heres my hospital selfie after the wonderful effects of medication :)

But now I am home it has been a rough few days but I think I am now on the mend, I am not 100% but I certainly much better than I was :) In fact I managed to pick my scalpel up and cut a few tinies ready for Tiny Tuesday! Huzzah!

Lastly this little smug (insert suitable swear word here) made me worry so much because he went missing again :( I went through so many emotions as I thought I had lost him :(

But after a worrysome day and a bit, cheeky chops just strolled in like nothing had happened! I have never been so relieved! I love my animals like they are my children and when they disappear they scare me half to death! Just so glad he is home for cuddles! 


Saturday, 8 August 2015

Sales and Excitement!
So we have had our sale running since the 31st and we still have some bargains left, but once they are gone they are gone forever! Eek! Sadly we are shifting existing stocks of some of our favourite items to make way for some new exciting lines :) Going are some of our favourite cards but we have this little beaut as the first of our new lines to be added :)

What do you think? Me? I adore it, in fact this is one of my favourite ever cuts.

So apart from our sale, its been pretty busy here at PPHQ, we are gearing up for Tiny Tuesday! Eek! It is that exciting time for not just those wanting to buy, but me too! It makes me really nervous for reasons I cannot understand! So when is Tiny Tuesday going to happen? Oh, well I have this handy little photo :)

Be there, or be square! :) xx