Friday, 22 August 2014

This week in Pandaland...

It's fabulous fantastical fish and chippy Friday folks!
This week in Pandaland...
Well I've been working on the book pages and also some material designs (which is what Alice is for) this week. I just deviated a little and made a couple of miniatures today, one of which is here *points* and the other is 'Stay Weird' hee hee. Also this week I've ordered some new stuff with naughty designs for those risque papercutting lovers out there so they'll be in the shop soon.
This week we've been working in the studio with new peeps Sam and Jo and it's free'd...freed...freeeed (you know how it doesn't look right when you type a word? Well that's one of them!) up a lot of time for Mr Panda to get back to being artistic again so he's been working on this sculpture which is still in the very early stages but I reckon the Death Of Rats is looking pretty cool so far, don't you?
I've been seeing how many packets of Fish & Chips I can eat. I say 'eat' but you have to suck them. Yes, really. Buy them, buy them now and rejoice in their salty goodness. I'm up to 15 today and my mouth looks like a cats bum. Mmmm.
Today I went to the salon (to be read in an american accent) and had my nails done (I had them Shellaced - is that how you spell it?) for holibobs so had to have it taken off again) and then on my way home nipped into the Damien Hirst exhibition in Stow. £3000 for a small printed red spot in a limited edition run? Wowsers. Just wowsers. BUT but but...butterflies - now they were gorgeous foil prints and satisfied my need for shiny things. Yes, I liked his butterflies. Dots? Not so much.
As was just typing there was a noise from behind me. I turn and all 50kg of Wooly Alaskan Malamute has climbed up onto the pink couch behind me. He has never done that before! I guess he's seen tiny puppy Chewy do it and though "why not?". Made me laugh.

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