Monday, 18 August 2014

Star Gazing...

Would you like to own this?

'Star Gazing' Medium original 23x23cm hand drawn and hand cut original papercut floating over a dusty blue background creating beautiful shadows inside the handmade frame. 

There are a few of these floating around as there's a template that you can buy from our shop to cut it yourself, but this piece is the only one cut by me, ol' Panda Paws and was actually used to create the new DIY template.
If you buy anything from the Panda Store up until 3pm tomorrow afternoon(19th August 2014) you may receive this original piece when you wake up on Wednesday morning.
(unless you're outside the UK then I'm afraid it's a bit out of our postal systems remit to be THAT quick hee hee).
It applies to everyone from Zurich to Zimbabweeeee and there's no extra postage to pay or 'owt. At 3pm tomorrow I'll ask Poppy to choose one of your names to receive it in with your order. There's no discrimination or minimum order - you could buy a card or a canvas, everyone is in with a chance to win. It is framed in a handmade beech wood box frame 23x23cm and finished with the engraved Paper Panda tag. It comes gift boxed ready to give to a loved one, to rip open yourself or to chuck on eBay ;)
You can find all our products here.

Good luck!
Panda xx

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  1. Ooh exciting. Time to buy the canvas I've had my eye on methinks. I love your work and if I ever win the lottery I will be buying everything you've got, lol. You are so kind to give things away, fingers crossed x