Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Hello! *big waves* How is everyone this week? I've had a fabulous post delivery today, look! There was a big box full of individually wrapped presents that made me laugh as I opened them. Samantha R thank you - I shall wear the glasses forever (nooo I didn't take them immediately off for the next photo, honest!) and the biscuits are actually gorgeous and you should have nommed them all yourself
And look! Probably my all time favorite present, how cute is this little plate from Angel? Thank you lovely, I'm glad you liked your pens and a big hello to your mummy Claire B xx
This week I've been kissing my desk and wondering how on earth I ever cut paper before. My hands hurt! My knobbly finger callous had started to get better while I was away - NOT a good thing as now my finger isn't protected and it's SORE. My neck aches from bending over my desk again. Basically I should never take breaks, like, ever because I clearly had a rhythm that's gone totally out of whack. Ahh well, *mans up*.
So as you know I've been working on the book templates. This means the page/shop is a bit devoid of new cuts as I'm not showing them to you yet, but see? I've included a handy 1cm strip as this IS a papercutting page after all :)  *tease*
Every day since my return I've been going for a little walk every night in an attempt to stop being so hermitty. Bourton on the Water is a beautiful place and once I actually put on my shoes and go outside I really quite enjoy it. On my travels I have actually found someone that is clearly just as bonkers as me. If you know who it is PLEASE tell me because I MUST meet the person that is sticking little messages (yesterdays read 'dirty lazy owner') in the local dog poo. They make flags from cocktail sticks!! It's very creative. It also makes you definitely make sure you have spare bags in your pocket so it DOES work....but really? REALLY??! I've censored the photo as it's lunchtime, but I had to show you, made me chuckle (also think of me bending over to take a photo hee hee)... Cotswold Life Magazine you need to get Dom Jolly to investigate this local phenomena...
Happy Wednesday everyone! P xx

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