Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I made this today...

 I made this today *proudly shoves in Mum's face in the hopes she'll stick it to the fridge*
The process went as thus (posh voice):
I drew a square in Corel Draw the same size as the mount in the final frame then drew some wavy lines and popped the writing on, remembering to flip it, then printed it. Why do we flip? Well, the back is the scruffy side with all the scribble. You can't rub it out afterwards because it leaves a right mess and you'll rip your cut. I did actually see a papercut in a shop once for over a grand and there was pencil marksall over the front. Pffft, amateurs *winks*
Sharpened my trusty pencil - okay, that's a lie as it's a propelling one but I mentally sharpened it then drew freehand the little people, lots of swirls and the stars.

Then I grumbled about hating to cut swirls and got to work.
I went against all my own rules and cut all over the place rather than just running from the top to the bottom. Why? Because I didn't want to get bored and my swirls get worse as they reached the bottom, or what can happen is that you can start out with little tight swirls and realise they are fatter at the bottom, so anyway, I randomly cut different parts all over.
I'd also usually keep all the pieces in until right at the end because it keeps the paper more stable, reduces the risk of it catching on the edge of the mat or your sleeve and you can also do a big "ta-da" reveal at the end.

 But I didn't so that because I was taking progress photo's which would have been pretty rubbish if they were all filled in the whole way.
So, here it is. I think we'll make a card design of it, what do you think?

*footnote* remember there's an online shop with a fab starter kit in it amongst other things that you would love, honest, it's great! Ask those people, there *points*


  1. Wow, what great piece of work! I do not always comment, but I admire your art a lot!! Greetings, Annasoer :)

  2. Ohh I would love to give this to my hublet. Please do make a card of it xx