Friday, 1 August 2014

This week in Pandaland.

This week in Pandaland!
We welcome Sam/Tim to the madness (top left). He made the best cake out of everyone we interviewed so got the job, hooray! Well, we also welcome Jo who starts in a few weeks as she seemed wonderfully sensible and able to sort us crazies out AND we say a big HELLO to Sonia who has been working part time here too. So we have 3 newbies in real life and also Emma who is a virtual typey person answering emails and stuff. *waves* to new panda peeps, huzzah!
We also welcomed Chewy the Lhasa Aspo, wook at his widdle faaaace! He's been so very good and distracting me from working and making me go outside in the garden and watch telly and stuff. Chewy is a great addition, we loves him.
I've been papercutting my fuzzy butt off, though and have looooads of original cuts so that it's not all quiet when I go away on Wednesday. LOADS! The Mouse Circus cuts are my favourite - the new one is just divine and those that know me know that I don't say that lightly as I am my worst critic so don't miss the mice!
This week we also lost ALL our animals (except Chewy as he wasn't here then thankfully) when the big electric gates enclosing the garden opened by themselves at 5am and they all thought it was GREAT and ran away en masse. We woke up at 8am to frantic panic, chucking on clothes and legging it outside to round up 3 cats and a moose/dog. Somebody had scooped up Munch which is no mean feat as he's 60kg of massive Malamute and they kindly locked him in the courtyard of a local shop which is where we found him asleep. PHEW! He was soaking wet and had clearly been playing in the river for hours - I wish I had Munch-cam to see what he'd gotten up to. Much relief all round as what could have been a disaster was okay after 10 minutes of panic. Oh...and the gates have now been padlocked Electric-shmetric.
This week we've donated £300 to Macmillan in total, not to mention the thousands my mate Vicky raised by cutting off her locks. Vicky and I were quite frankly blown over by the generosity of you guys.
I've also designed a tee-shirt featuring our very own Bunny for Cruelty Free International and the papercut I made to actually create the design will be going up for sale very soon and the proceeds will be donated to them also.
I've sent off the gubbins to make rubber stamps for you arty crafty people out there to make your own stuff. They feature Bunny, Bird, Squiggle and FB Hedgehog. I can see you ink stamping EVERYTHING in sight!
We also gave away a Stag papercut (is it there yet?? Shout up if so!) and it was such a hit I think we'll be doing it probably once a month, what do you reckon?
PANTS! Why are there underpants included? Well these are special magic underpants that appeared here in the house this week...and nobody knows where they came from. Unless Munch has started wearing clothes again we are proper stumped, so shout up if these are your pants! You can't have them back though as I'm wearing them. No, not really.
Oh, and I got dressed today!!!!!! Surely the most momentous occasion EVER
Panda xx

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