Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Fame & Fortune

....may one day be something that applies to me. Until then I'll make do with being in this months Craftseller Magazine. I jest, it's been great and I'm still astonished that anyone would want to read about lil ol' me.
When the nice lady came to interview me I was so scared! I hadn't seen any people (apart from my husband and daughter) for about a month, being a proper loner oddbod artist, so to meet this wildly enthusiatic little jumping-bean of a lady was quite astonishing, but pleasantly so. She soon had me at ease, complimenting me on my nail polish (always a winner) and before long I was nattering away almost oblivious to the tape recorder.

Then the photographer arrived. He was incredibly stern and professional. He never did edit out the spots on my chin like he promised, though. He took some very good photos, but you didn't get to see the REALLY good ones as they would have had my heavily tattooed arms in them which wouldn't be a good look ;) We had a good 'ol romp around the garden with the cats. I sat on the strawberries while I posed. I tried to go for demure but ended up looking slightly awkward, but the effort was put in and I think, in the turned out rather well. Don't you?
Pick up September 2013 copy of Craftseller in all good retailers. And possibly some not so good, but we won't hold that against them.


  1. I wondered when you were going to post here again, and here you are! Congratulations! Your art deserves to be in the spotlights (I think)! Greetings and keep up the good works! xx

  2. Yep I think the pics turned out well, a very happy picture and love your wee nick knacks.xx