Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Big Fat FAIL

So today I've been framing a lot of cuts that have been hanging around the studio for a week or so before they get damaged. So I wasn't concentrating and ripped one. POO! Yes, I swore a little and was about to chuck it in the bin when I figured that one of you guys might like it.
I stuck it on ye olde Facebook and got hundreds of comments before I called down Minecraft addict, Poppy (age 10) to scroll through the names and randomly pick one.
I video'd (how DO you spell that?) it all on my little phone fandangle, but being completely crap I couldn't get it to upload to Facebook. Tried Instagram instead but it'd only show snippets and 99% of you guys don't even have Instagram (you should try it, it's pretty addictive!) so all in all a big fat FAIL.
So here I am to write in these black and white wordy things that I'll be sending *goes to check spelling*
Jessica Kyei-Yamoah this sadly ripped yet magnificent papercut.
Thanks for your support guys. You are, as always, a bit odd but I do like you ;)



  1. It is still Magnificent,and congrats on the magazine I saw you in ,and I didn't realise you had a blog too ,err please don't bin the hard work xxx

  2. Hi Louise I don't know if my comment went through so here is another,please don't bin the Magnificent cut out,and congrats to being in the magazine I saw you in xxx

  3. Well...I guess you'll never be throwing anything away again! Jimmy brunt had a similar thing with a papercut he'd spent hours doing then his kid found it and destroyed it..he auctioned it off and it sold for quite a reasonable amount! That must have been soooooooooo annoying you poor thing! It's gorgeous by the way xxx

  4. What a bummer that you ripped your beautiful work in the end! But you are not the only one: I do things over a lot of times! It seriously takes up a lot of time! That's what happens when you are a PERFECTIONIST! I can't be bothered though, I just start again without the blinck of an eye ;)

  5. I have a 10 year old Minecraft addict called Poppy too....I dont understand what its all about tho......looks daft to me