Saturday, 10 August 2013

Thank you to everyone who entered the "Name the Un-named Papercut" competition.  

There were so many amazing entries it was really hard to choose a winner.... but we finally have

*Drum roll* 

Many congratulations to Jennifer Gray

It was night in the magic woods that protected the enchanted castle but not all was quiet. On the branch of the old tree where the wise owl had her nest some pixies were up to no good. The pixies were trying to steal owls eggs so that they could take them to the evil sorcerer that lived in the caves beyond the castle.
The sorcerer wanted to use the eggs to make a potion that could control the movements of the sun and the moon as the sorcerer hated the daylight when people were busy and happy he prefered the night where he could skulk around unseen casting spells to cause despair and sadness
In order to create his potion the sorcerer needed the ground shells of the young of the wise along with a few strands of hair from a fairy the colour of the moonlight among many more available ingredients. The owl however had hear of this plan and had already warned the fairys and moved the eggs to a seceret location where the fairys would protect them for him leaving him free to trap the pixies.
The enchantress had agreed to help the owl as she was good and kind and was the one who balnaced out the evilness of the sorcerer to keep the land in harmony so the conjured up some special decoy eggs which they placed in owls nest.
When the pixies tried to remove the eggs from the tree the eggs would suck the pixies inside leaving them trapped in a bubble with no escape, when all the pixies had been caught the enchantress came along and gathered them up and removed the spell the sorerer had placed upon them many years before, as it was this spell that turned the pixies into mischief makers.
The sorcerer was stopped, the pixies went back to being peaceful lovable carpenters making beautiful things out of twigs and fallen logs, the fairies came back out to play and the owl had 5 lovely fluffy chicks which would grow and help protect the forest for many may years to come.
The End


  1. aww, that's magical! I love it. Well done, Jennifer!!

  2. Great story and beautiful matching piece of art! Congrats to Jennifer.