Thursday, 12 September 2013


So I seem to have found a little place on the interweb that I can ramble away on and only 6 of you see it. I like that. It's cosy. It can be quite daunting when you make a spelling mistake in front of 13,500 Facebook people, (where the hell did they all come from?) especially if you write like me with some kind of odd Northern accent and my typo's are usually on purpose. Why am I Northern when I type? I have no idea! I have quite an odd, silly voice like a guffaw type drawl, not Northern at all even though I grew up in sunny Widnes.
I digress. As usual.
Today I took a trip to the garden centre and had lunch with a friend. This is unusual for two reasons. One: I generally don't go outside as a rule. Two: I don't have real life friends.
So how did this come about, then? I met up with Kath from Genie Lampshades on Facebook, she lives down the road from me. I actually warned her right in the beginning that I don't make friends because real life people can be a bit bastardy. She wasn't phased at all though and just keeps coming back! The lil' monkey. So, she is now my friend, only taking the title because she made me see that not all people are bastardy (new word for you there) and some can actually enjoy roaming around garden centres, looking at material, saying how expensive everything is and cooing over the pottery.
She bought some lovely Emma Bridgewater fabric and made a shade this afternoon and sold two of them immediately. She's a bit clever. It's handy having such a talented friend. All my lights look AWESOME.
Am I rambling? Tough. This is my diary, um, blog, so the 6 of you will just have to wait until something more interesting happens.
So I came home, drew a picture of a cat, ate a 'Cook' ready meal (fab posh quick food, I don't cook) and cut the cat out of paper, like you do. Photographed some cushions that have just arrived from the fabulous Ohh Deer and already half of them have sold to friends before I've even put them on the website. Um, sorry! They are nice though.
Tonight saw the release of the very first collaboration piece between me and Rebekah Heyburn Jewellery. She has taken my papercut design and turned it into a silver masterpiece. I adore it. So I popped it on eBay at a starting price of 99p and an hour later it's on £36 - cool huh? No idea what it'll reach. I love that about chancing it with the 99p start, it lets other people decide what something is really worth themselves rather than me putting a ridiculous price on it and hoping for the best. Oh, and it's really good fun watching it!

I blame Miranda for all this writing a diary/blog lark. I just finished reading her book and found it rather jolly. If you haven't read it then give it a go.
Right, I'm off to show those Facebookers my picture of a cat called Bruce, then off to watch Big Brother (I know I know, it's naff). Cheerio!

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  1. i LOVE "bastardy".
    it sums up about 99.99% of the real-life people I know!

    (that's everyone but me, btw ;) )