Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Diary of a miniature loving papercutter

So this week in between rescue attempts at car accident scenes and pooping on a London surgeon I have been experimenting with miniature papercuts. I should say it's been a resounding success, I mean, who doesn't like tiny things? There's something a bit magical about something small, like it belongs to a fairy or you could find it in the niche of a tree somewhere. Let me rewind a bit. I recieved from eBay a vintage letterpress printing tray and popped a hook on it and it's on the wall in the hall. I then scoured the cottage for tiny things of wonder to put in the little spaces, then pootled all over Etsy for other oddities of the itsy bitsy variety to add to it. The next day some new frames arrived from Dave the farmer, and oh my...they were so small! After I'd stopped laughing I saw the potential and got to work. Miniature is the new black.

PP has, over time, developed with the farmer a seriously cool way of floating papercuts in gorgeous handmade frames, and on a small scale this technique has worked brilliantly. Bunny was able to float with a 'shmall' balloon next to bird which is always a bit special and reminiscent of the recent popular House floating papercut that reached a record price when it went up for auction. I'm enjoying cutting the tiny pieces so much I wish I could make them all the time, just getting smaller and smaller. Have you seen the guy that carves animals from burnt matchstick heads? Ooooh I'd love to try that!
At the other end of the scale I'm battling with a massive A1 papercut that I spread over the kitchen table every few days and add a bit to it. I just sketched very loosely a nature inspired design and I'm busy ignoring all that and just cutting freehand. It's scary and I'm not sure it's going to work, and if it DOES work how on earth will I frame it? We shall see. I'm not a big fan of working on a large scale so far, that's for sure. So if I ever pull off a fabulous large piece of papercutting then you know it's pretty much a fluke and I'm feeling rather relieved that a cat hasn't used it to dance on. Or maybe it has and that's why it looks fabulous, who knows?
Apart from small things, something else has happened this week and I'm still not sure if it's really happening or if there's some kind of Facebook bug. My Facebook likes are increasing by approximately 800 likes per day. Where on earth are they all coming from? Why is there a sudden influx of people clicking the 'like' button? I'm getting quite obsessed. I'll go for a wee, come back downstairs, refresh the page and announce to Mr Panda that we have gained 8 likers in the time it took to visit the lav. I'm sure my time can be better spent but right now it's quite exciting to watch.
Usually, with Facebook, you'll find people with other crafty business type pages will come and 'like' your page and leave a copy and pasted message asking you to return the favour, but this isn't happening. These are regular people who are liking it for, well, me and no other ulterior motive. How strange! My likes have increased by 34 whilst I've been writing this, if you are interested.
Is my ol' mum paying them?
Well, I best go and get out of these panda printed pyjama's and start some cutting. It's 12.55pm and all I've done so far is drink two cups of tea and eat a boiled egg from a Holly Hobbie eggcup. Artists keep such odd hours, you know - well, this one does ;)




  1. Dave the farmer, or Dave the framer? I'm thinking that is a seriously cool farmer if he's also an expert framer. How do you do the amazing framing - they turn great papercuts into brilliant art.

  2. Panda you are wonderful! That's why people are liking you lol! I just bid £125 for your little "dream big' and didn't win :-( next time?

  3. Louise you wonderful that's why people are liking lol!!!
    I just bid nearly £130 for your little "dream big" but didn't win!! Next time??

  4. i love your work but its so expensive maybe keep it on my wish list for now :'(