Saturday, 21 September 2013

Go Sober 2013

Heard of it? I hadn't until very recently but I think it's a grand idea. I gave up booze in June 2012 so I can't be a part of it myself because it's waaaay too easy and nobody would sponsor me - but you guys can give it a shot!
So, as an added incentive every Facebook Paper Panda page liker that signs up for Go Sober 2013 will be entered into a draw to win a wee Paper Panda goody bag. In fact, there will be two, one for the person that raises the most money for Macmillan and the other will be randomly drawn from the entrants.
Part of the goody bag is the tiny weeny papercut below, one in gold for the person that raises the most money, and one in...'something else' (because I haven't made it yet!) for a random person, as well as other PP goodies just to say BLOODY WELL DONE, YOU.
Once you have signed up, pop your link on the Facebook photo the same as the one below so I can see how well you are doing - and so can everyone else! You may even get some sponsors :)

This is not in any way linked to Facebook.
1. Be a page liker.
2. Sign up for Go Sober 2013
3. Pop your link in the comments below and/or the FB picture pinned to the top on the FB page before 1st October 2013
4. Be sober for October and raise lots of pennies!

Find out about Go Sober 2013 and sign up here:
You can do it, YOU STAR!

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