Friday, 1 November 2013

Go Sober Winners!

Well it's been a tough month for lots of you but you raised a serious amount of money for Macmillian so you should be proud of yourselves.
As an added incentive I offered up two prizes for Paper Panda liker Go Sober peeps. One to whoever raised the most dosh and one to a random luck-o-the-draw type person. Here's the results...

Joanne Regan raised a whopping £1175 as of midnight last night. She wins a Paper Panda goody bag including the gold 'You Star' Teeny Weeny papercut and as yet unreleased new Paper Panda goodies.

The other lucky lass who was pulled out of the virtual hat is Kerry Ryan who also wins
a Paper Panda goody bag including a red 'You Star' Teeny Weeny papercut. She raised £210.

WELL DONE to you both and to everyone else that went sober for charity. *applause*

P xxx

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  1. Well done to everyone who took part! After losing his dad to drink (aged only 53) in October last year, this year my hubby (who's now 27) decided he would go sober for October. After having an alcoholic as a role model, all 3 sons (my hub and his 2 brothers) drink too much. Hubs didn't do it for charity as he wasn't sure he'd be able to do it and didn't want to let anyone down. BUT he did manage it and I am immensely proud of him. After watching him struggle but do it, I know how hard this must have been for some people and I'm grateful for the campaign that shows you don't HAVE to drink! Big round of applause to you too Panda for highlighting the campaign and giving an added incentive to your Go sober likers. xx