Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Happiest Template in the Universe - Contest Results!

Ice cream with wafers and cupcakes with sprinkles,
Blue-haired unicorns and little stars that twinkle,
Colourful rainbows and Bird's little wing, 
This template is my new favourite thing!

But there's so many ways that this new template can be customised.
What colour mane would your unicorn have?
What flavour will your ice cream be?
What colour are your balloons? So many choices! 

I'm Admin Vicky and I'm a rainbow fan (complete with rainbow hair!)

Oh go on, here's a pic, excuse the chins! 

I wanted to see how you would make this template unique to you.
I asked the super-creative folk in our Facebook group to cut the template and post a photo of the finished design.
There were tons of entries, and I spent far too long ooh-ing and aah-ing over them! 
Everyone made totally awesome designs, with glitter, rainbows, pearly bits, holographic-ness, basically everything you need for the Happiest Template in the Universe!

Before I announce the winner, first, some honorable mentions!
Katherine made this very British colour scheme with tons of glitter and a super cheeky sun! 

Laura's design looked stunning in black, with a dazzling gold holographic background.

Loz made a super-sparkly one, with a teeny weeny lickle one!
Must have square eyes after making that ;)

But, there can only be one winner!
The person I have chosen, cut this design not only once, but five times... each one very different to the last, including a miniature one, a black one, and pastel rainbow ones... containing everything I love from rainbows to glitter and everything in between, showing great creativity, originality and cutting skill.

So congratulations LOUISA WESTLAKE... you are the lucky winner!

I'm just in love and awe with that tiny little one with infills too!! :O

Thank you to everyone who entered, and I hope you loved cutting the template, it's been a joy looking through all of your creations, and you're all winners to me! :)

Love and rainbows, Admin Vicky x

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