Sunday, 10 May 2015

'Resting' my elbow... ;)

Had an AMAZING workshop last weekend, we had a right laugh and made some new friends. We talked about the best bra's for big boobs, fetishes, body modification and trolls all whilst we snipped bits of paper. Such fun!
And LOOK AT THE CAKE!!!!!!!! How wonderful? A PP logo cake, perfectly made and a set of little Mr Whippy cakes with rainbow sponge complete with flake! Presents! Yummy presents!!! And a lovely candle too with a henna pattern on...but the best bit was the laughter. Lovely group of people today, thank you for making my Sunday a special one.

I don't think I have the hang of this 'bank holiday, do nothing' malarkey! I have been -

Resting my elbow. For, like, a whole 10 minutes. That's totally enough, right?! (I have rested it properly, honest. That big needle hurt.) 

Eating cake - It was yummy, thank you Kath for bringing it to the workshop yesterday! 

Painting my nails. Purple - incase you're wondering. 

Having kitty snuggles. I like to bury my face in their fur and just smell them. They smell like shortbread. It's my favourite thing to do. It's not weird, at all right? (Maybe just a little bit crazy cat lady.)

Walking Stink 1 and Stink 2 in the rain. Affectionate names for the doggies - not the children *winks* 

Twirling my scalpel around some paper. I made these tiny, ickle cuts. Note the tiny hearts and stars in the background too. *squints* 

I did a little bit of couch flopping too, it's hard work being a Panda y'know! 

This piece indicates how beautifully the natural world is intertwined.
*takes plum out of mouth and replaces with cake*
I present to you...swirly stuff with some animals.

Also, new template!
I am good to you! ;)

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