Saturday, 23 May 2015

All About the Art!!


All About the Art!

This week has been another fab week for art sharing :) We have showcased some incredible artists and shared some beautiful pieces of art.
A recurring theme this week was colour. With pieces by Katy Jade Dobson and Jen Stark for example, involving colours in ways that both inspire me and leave me in awe!

(Stag and Watercolour collage images by Katy Jade Dobson and Infinity Colour Sculptures by Jen Stark)

 Along side of these incredible colour artists we have shared some amazingly talented artists who used paper as their medium of choice. Ranging from book sculptors to Wet Folding Origami Artists. Each are able to turn simple and humble paper into art. These artists I instantly have a connection with due to the nature of our work, and obviously, our joint love of paper!

Not only these this week, but we have been busy behind the scenes this week, designing and creating new cuts for you all to see! 
The life of an artist is a fabulous one, it truly is, I get to immerse myself in something I enjoy doing every day. But it requires a lot of hard work, long hours, a bucketload of failure and some very long nights of thinking 'is it worth the stress?' And my answer? It is. Always do something you enjoy - life is much richer when you do!

 As most of you will know that I am not the only artist in my household! My wonderful husband, the very talented Bafta award winning artist, Mr P shares my love of the creative, and a short while back we offered up custom slots for ACEO's.
They sold like hotcakes, and we received so many requests for more that we decided to release limited print runs of Mr P's incredible ACEO's!

This selection is the first to be released, but time is running out if you wish to purchase one or more of these. From the 27th this set will no longer be available to purchase! But don't despair! From the 28th, the next set of 5 shall be available Eeek!

So while you can dont forget to buy yours :)

On that note, my desk is calling my name! 
Happy Saturday :)

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