Saturday, 6 June 2015

Been feeling very nostalgic this week, mainly because of this... My Care Bear sticker book was falling apart. That was a good enough reason to get my hands on this mint, pristine condition sticker book...WITH EVERY SINGLE STICKER LOOSE TOO!!! *wafts face*, I know, I know, it's exciting isn't it?! I feel like a 10 year old on my birthday, like someone just bought me a Mr Whippy with sherbert AND buying a pair of size 16 jeans and them fitting (hush now, skinny wenches ;) ) an ice cold bottle of full fat Coke on a sunny day x a million.
I'm excited.
I'm going to add one sticker to the book every day as a treat.
I'll be popping pics on Instagram if you want a trip down memory lane with me (paperpanda1). Right, I'm off to do the first one. Totally going for a fuzzy one...or a foil one...or a clear one....ooooosssshhh!!

But not only this but we had a dramatic scene here this week, where my heart was literally in my mouth!
Scrufton Poobum aka Chewy escaped and narrowly missed being car food. Cue ridiculous tattooed lady bombing it along the road with trousers falling down and boobs bouncing all over the place in a vest that was never meant to be seen in public.
If you're visiting Bourton on the Water today I apologise for the sight...I haven't run like that since 1982.

So all in all been feeling retro, let's hope its another 33 years before I need to run like that again!


  1. OK technology hates me, I thought I had already commented :( I love the sticker book I remember them as a kid!! Will figure out Instagram and check for progress and I'm glad chewy is safe and sound xx
    Jayne Hicks

  2. I love the sticker book too ! Carebears