Friday, 24 April 2015

Colouring in is the new rock n roll!

How fab are these new Alice vinyl decals!
Available in lots of sizes to suit any need. For your laptop, tablet, phone or other gadgetry, or even large versions for your wall, ceiling, table or other flat surface! 
Basically you can stick them on anything you like*

*Not recommended to stick on pets or children ;)

Speaking of Alice, we have some good news!
We now have a UK supplier for our fabrics, so the postage won't be too high. The other good news is, you can sell whatever you make with our fabric!
Here's just one of the five designs we have available, right now, through our partner site Woven Monkey.

Remember when you were a child... go on, sit back and remember some of the fun things you liked to do.
Remember getting the big box of coloured pencils out (mine was a Fortnum and Mason biscuit tin, cos I'm well posh, loike) and spending an afternoon just colouring in? 
Why should kids have all the fun? Colouring in is the new rock and roll! 
The super-talented Joanne Elliott has made three colouring in sheets exclusively for us! Look how fun and detailed they are.

What's all this then?! A new template, of course! 

This would make a perfect teacher gift. The wise ol' owl is teaching a class. 

You will receive the template to cut your own owl teacher papercut.
You will also receive a second sheet that you can print off with the backing paper, as shown.

You could customise the background yourself and pop it in with the a special message or the teacher's name too, for a really personal and unique gift.

Commercial licences are available for this too!

Well, that's it for another week, I have my Bargain Hunt audition tomorrow, wish me luck!

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