Friday, 10 April 2015

A to-do list.

My to-do list:
- Tidy the house for a workshop tomorrow (*note* hide Mr P's insects!)
- Make another 10 templates for a magazine supplement
- Complete 4 lots of interview questions
- Wash a tee shirt to wear tomorrow that doesn't have a swear word on it
- Make a tiny 'Twinkle Bat' for a lady visiting tomorrow
- Finish the rest of my ACEO's
- Brush animals as the weather is warm and we have a carpet of beige fur on the floor
- Answer 9428 messages
- Set up for the workshop tomorrow
- Eat Mr Whippy
- Pack for Poppy as she's away this weekend
- Lots and lots of others things that I can't remember.

What have I done instead? I made a cute kitty papercut and decide to put sticky tape over any offending words on my top *wink*

This gorgeous piece has been listed on eBay this week - it ends tomorrow.
(Saturday 11th April)
You can view it on eBay here.

A red flash
Over the hills
Through the night
Until Tomorrow.

Both our full beginner's kit and the sheets only mini kit have had their prices revised and lowered to £25 and £19.99 respectively! Huzzah! 

You can find them both in our online store - 

Oh and one final note - 

This little Rhino had a mani/pedi this week! *winks* 

Happy Friday everyone!

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