Friday, 3 April 2015

A Dutch Tale...

So, we went to Holland last week! You had no idea? Well, we did, honest! That's the beauty of working online is that the interwebbynet goes everywhere with you!
Did we have a nice time? Well...
It was up to Mr P this time to find a place to stay. We got to a house in a great location and went in to find 5 flights of stairs that had no right to call themselves stairs as my toes only just fit on each tread. I'm scared of heights so this was a challenge for me but we made it (and I made a mental note to abseil down again), it was like a nod to my old student days though, and we spent a terrible night on grey stained sheets counting the different electrical wires hanging from the ceiling and wondering what unusual bacteria we could take home as a souvenir from the kitchen. You could keep the city of Liverpool stoned on the amount of joint ends in the ashtray (no, not ours!) and sadly the clothes and shoes STILL IN THE WARDROBE didn't fit.
It was BAD. So the next morning we legged it to our favourite hotel (my choice!) and spent a relaxing few days watching movies, visiting our favourite places and shops to buy wonderful artwork, doing research, being totally inspired and drawing aceo's (yes, really!) before heading back on Friday. Well, we tried to head back, anyway...did you hear about the Amsterdam power cut? Well, that. So we checked in our luggage and walked the 72 miles to the gate to hear that the flight had been cancelled! No more flights that day. Oh, not only that but they no longer knew where our case was. Leaving the airport in a very grumpy mood we found no trains running and a 2 hour wait for a taxi.
Cue a frantic shopping trip trying to find size 20 clothes, toothbrush etc in Amsterdam at 4.30pm and a very expensive last minute hotel (didn't fancy the airport accommodation after the weeks earlier disaster) and yes, it was as hard as it sounds! All Dutch ladies are teeny tiny! I found some socks that fit me anyway.
This break had disaster written all over. £1900 in hotels, £300 taxi fares, 683 miles walked, 20 hours in the airport, 4 different beds, all my stuff kicking about somewhere in the world as the case still isn't back. If anyone sees a case with a cat scarf tied to it with rather large pants inside and a bra you could use as a parachute then I'd quite like it back please as I'm fond of them, being mine n'all. 
I got back yesterday, kicked off my shoes and got back to relax 
wink emo
I made this...

In other news, we got a lot of new products this week! 

Three snazzy new spiral bound notepads...

...awesome wooden hanging decorations made by Shani...

...and another amazing print of a painting by DD from the Litus Gallery.

Sadly we won't be adding the TimSam wall vinyl to our range... April Fools! ;) 

Happy Easter everyone! Don't eat too much chocolate ;) xx

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