Friday, 17 April 2015

New Guest Artist!

Chatty Nora is the newest guest artist to join us!

Jane is a graphic designer working under the pseudonym name of Chatty Nora. Since the arrival of her daughter, she's been working from home in the tiny village of Towton. Their home is shared with a completely bonkers cocker spaniel named Henry, and an aged agoraphobic cat name Louie. Chatty Nora is named after her parents' cat, a little chat noir. ;)

She brings us this awesome typographical piece.

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.
—Ronald E. Osborn
This piece is a hand pulled screen print. It has been hand drawn and then reworked in illustrator, you can see a few in progress shots on Chatty Nora's Instagram acc - chattynora1.)

11" x 14" in size. Shown in black ink on ivory paper.

Jane brings this piece to us with this backstory...

Here's how it came about. A little while ago a message appeared in my inbox from the lovely Paper Panda, it was a nice little surprise as it had been a long time since we’d last chatted! Anyway, she asked if I would like to be a guest artist and produce something for her shop, something aimed at crafters and creatives...tricky, we're all so different! So I decided I would think about Paper Panda’s incredible creative journey. When I first knew her she was mainly working on typographic pieces and some stunning Alice in Wonderland scenes, it was all going well. Then she picked up a pencil and a sketch pad and started drawing, she developed a lovely little bunny character (that was soon joined by a hedgehog) and that was when it all seemed to go 'BOOM!' for Panda! She went out of her comfort zone and did something new, people loved it and I think from that point she went from strength to strength, her following grew every day and she was becoming a true inspiration for crafters everywhere. So that's where this piece came from, I found this quote and thought it was the perfect message to inspire us to move on from what we know, to grow, and to become amazing (hopefully!).

You can get your very own copy here -

We absolutely love this inspirational quote, do you have a favourite?

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