Friday, 27 March 2015

What a Wonderful Week!

Well, what a wonderful week we’ve had here at Panda HQ! There’s been tonnes going on….

We have made 4 original Paper Panda cuts live on eBay! There was the stunning ‘Infinity’, featuring Stag; then this evening we released ‘Serenity’, featuring the beautiful badger and his cub; then there’s ‘Buttercup’ and finally the fabulous ‘You Can Do It’ is finishing in the next few hours!

It’s also been a bumper week for guest artists, firstly, Martin Tomsky used his incredible artistry to design and create brooches based on PP designs, there was Bunny with a brolly, Bird with some balloons and FBH with a cupcake. Then we had Ullagami’s ‘LionHeart’ template, which can be yours for the very modest price 100 of your English pennies.

Talking of bumper, this week we sold some goodie bags *Huzzah*, costing just £20 plus P&P, each one contained a minimum of £30 worth of products. Each one was a total of mixture of items, including notebooks, mirrors, canvases, magnets, greetings cards, keyrings, badges, bottle openers - I could go on!

This was the week where all the admin staff (and TimSam) dressed in yellow for #wearyellowforseth, to raise awareness of a rare disease, which means little Seth will need a bone marrow transplant.

I hope you guys have had a great week too! Xx

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