Friday, 25 July 2014

Wobbly Tooth and Alf the Acrobatic Mouse. (Original Post 22 july 2014)

Today I...
Woke up at 5am. You know when something happens and it makes you cross and then you can't sleep again and you keep thinking about it and getting more and more annoyed, tossing and turning, your pillow feels like it's made out of hedgehogs, it's too hot and the person next to you decides to enter a snoring competition that nobody else is a part of (a sure win)...well, that.
So I had an angry pants morning, stomping around like a bear who isn't usually awake until 11am and is suddenly experiencing 'the joys of morning'. WTF? What is joyful about feeling knackered? I don't need to know who my postman is in person. I like my mail to have a fine layer of dust on it by the time I stumble downstairs. I don't NEED to wear pyjamas at the correct time of day. Breakfast tea? No! Why is there a specific type of tea for before midday anyway?
I put clothes on. Yes, real ones for outside and everything. I wore yellow shoes which gave me a jaunty air not befitting of my foul mood. I went...outside.
Now, not a lot makes me go outside. I am happiest with my bum welded to my studio chair with my weapon of choice firmly gripped in my sweaty paw. Outside is for losers. Today though was the last day of little school for my baby girl so I went along to the leavers assembly. None of them look ready for the horrors of high school. Saying that, I went to school up North so I'm hoping that the children in the Cotswolds don't strip you in the playground on your birthday or take away your favourite sweets (Raspberry Ruffles - remember those?). Anyway, they looked small and unprepared. Bless their odd socks. As I mentioned yesterday Poppy recieved 5's for everything, the top marks so she is officially 'a swot' (all down to me, of course it is *cough*). Brilliant. I'm sure she'll do reeeeally well at big school...but she's so small! (Yes, yes, I know she has size 8 feet and is only 2" off my height but to ME she's small!).
Came home, cuddled chair, stroked cat.
Took photographs of new papercuts, drank lots of coffee and hunted for a new dog. I'm not officially allowed to have a new dog and Mr P has been very grumpy about it recently, but today I caught him checking out little scruffy homeless dogs online so I knew I'd won *air punch* so did a bit more Googling. I'd like a dog with a ridiculous underbite. I'd call it Doug. I'll keep you informed.
Lusted over admin Vickys rainbow hair (see below). Faffed about trying not to be grumpy (miserable girls don't get doggies) then gave in and went to sleep for a couple hours.
Then I drew these.

I present 'Wobbly Tooth' and 'Alf the Acrobatic Mouse'....
What did you do?
P xxx

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