Friday, 25 July 2014

Perfectly Seaworthy...(Original Post 21st July 2014)

Quick pencil sketches of ideas as we bombed down the motorway home from York yesterday. Can you ever tried sketching in the car? It's so hard! Your hand wibbles all over the place, but I got the ideas down so that's what matters so very soon Scruffy Bird will be having tea with Ladybird and Bunny & Bird will be in an umbrella a-la Pooh Bear in the rain.
York? Well, it rained. And it rained. It rained a bit more, but we squished in a visit to THE IMAGINARIUM and stocked up with some more inspirational weird things and cakey soaps from the shop next door.
We stayed in a cottage in the country this time and I managed to get a bit of a rest. No quite so for Poppy and Mr Panda. They have huge moth phobias and somebody had left the loo window open one night...and the light on. Well it was a moth partaaay! All the moths in a 20 mile radius came to get on down in the toilet and scare the pants off my family. Imagine literally about 80 moths of all different sizes in a 4x4ft space fluttering around like in a horror movie. It was hilarious. It was super funny until I found a spider in my bed and then I wasn't laughing any more... 

Today I...
- Got up at 10.30am (early for me)
- Got confused about musical notes (not difficult, I'm easily confused)
- Scanned in my sketches from the car journey ready to cut
- Dropped another sketch behind my desk and called a busy Mr P to retrieve it. Mr P says 'this is the final straw!!' as he moves a 20 tonne desk away from the wall only to find it's actually gone behind the radiator never to be seen again. (Fast forward 100 years to Antiques Roadshow of the future, "I found this sketch behind the radiator as we were replacing it for a super-whizz heat bar...")
- Cut out this papercut *points at photo* and am quite pleased with it actually
- Interviewed a guy called Sam who agreed that I could call him Tim (Tim will agree to anything when confronted with an odd lady waving a scalpel. He's lucky I was dressed actually so I considered it a win).
- Wonder at how I produced such a brainy child as she brought home her SATS results and totally aced them, full marks on everything (poss not such a crap parent after all? Hmm).
- Realised I haven't got any papercuts coming soon in the shop and vow not to take a weekend off work ever again (I do actually have loads but need to photograph them!)
- Virtually shove everyone towards the online shop to buy other stuff instead...go on...go, go......

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