Friday, 25 July 2014

Circus Mouse! (Original Post 23rd July 2014)

My view this afternoon. I'm making Circus Mouse. He's going to be on a glittery strawberry and be juggling balls. Cuteness!
I'm drinking tea in my stereotypical country girl Cath Kidston mug, testing out a new coaster (coming soon!) and listening to....nothing.
Why nothing? Especially why nothing when we've just bought one of those new fangled sound stereo things - Sonos - and have speakers in the ceiling? Why am I not listening to the dulcet tones of Sia or slapping my thighs to Adam Ant (had a dream I was dating him last night, great stuff!)?? WHY?
Because I'm rubbish. I can't work the damn thing. I can't work the television either, not that I ever have time to watch it.
I long for the old days when you just popped a tape or CD into a player and...pressed play. Or throw yourself on the couch and push the 'on' button and 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.
Now? Well now it's "no network found" and "we couldn't connect to..." and WTH is a scart cable anyway? Where do I put it? Why is the XBox involved, I don't wanna play games I want to watch Bargain Hunt! I want Tim Wannacot to beam at me and kick his leg in the air and I want it without having to change it to some weird setting after hunting for the remote, finding BBC iPlayer, resetting the internet as it's not working, entering 'B'....'A'...'R'....(half an hour later) oh, no we've seen that one...Tim in Birmingham, that's a good one...oh it's time to go back to work.
Quiet work.
Put some music on? Yes, why not. *Starts again*
"We couldn't load your library"
Oh p*^(~ *ff...!
P xx

C'mon on down to the one and only Mouse Circus where you'll find Mr Jingles/Alf and his magnificent juggling on a strawberry act *applause*
All hand drawn and cut from paper (and the balls are stuck on with spit of course!)

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