Friday, 5 February 2016

Some days you just have to create your own sunshine...

Bunny was grumbling to himself, "It's been so rainy and dull recently. My ears are all damp from the wet weather, my tail is cold... it's just no fun at all." He slumped down onto the wet grass, which stained his white belly fur an odd green colour. He let out a sigh.
Bird was watching from a nearby tree. He didn't like to see Bunny unhappy and cold, but he knew that bunnies couldn't fly up into the tree branches for shelter from the weather. 
He had a plan. 
He flew out of the tree, higher, higher into the sky. He closed his eyes as he flew bravely through the thick grey cloud. As he emerged from the cloud, he opened his eyes to see a beautiful blue sky with a lovely warm sun shining down. "Mr Sun!" he tweeted loudly. The sun with his jolly smiling face looked down at Bird. "Hello there Bird", Mr Sun replied, "I'm afraid I'm not having much luck today getting through these clouds, you'll have to take a little bit of sunshine with you!" 
Mr Sun sent down some rays of warm sunlight. Bird gathered them together with some string, and they formed into a perfect miniature sun. 
As Bird carefully flew back down through the clouds, the happy little sunshine followed him. 
Bunny felt the air get warmer and brighter, and a huge smile grew on his face.
"Thank you so much, Bird! Some days you just have to create your own sunshine!"

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