Friday, 19 February 2016

What's on my mind?..

What's on my mind?..

Well...After Norman Reedus got bitten by a fan at a photo op already this totally scuppers my plans to take a big chunk out of his ass over this weekend. Gutted. I'll just look like I'm copying.What does Norman's ass even taste like? Cake or sweaty farm boy?

My husband just told the cat to 'man up' because he has a meow like a pussy. Shall I tell him or will you?

It always seems to be a good idea to buy cheese until you've eaten the whole block. On its own. Again.

Is it safe to order from Ocado again? Is there still a lack of Coke in glass bottles? I just can't take the disappointment right now.

Does Munch know the difference between the 3 Ragdoll cats by the way they smell or look? They all look pretty much the same y'see. Do he just think it's ONE cat that moves around really fast?

Seeing as all of my cats look the same surely Mr P won't notice if I smuggle one more in? I'd call it God. God is a good name for a cat.

I've had both of the soft pillows now for 4 nights in a row. This is totally unheard of and if he wasn't here 24/7 I'd think he was up to something and feeling guilty. What have I done to deserve such comfort?

Why do people get upset when the squirrels take all the bird food? I get well excited when I see a squirrel. Birds? Not so much. As this is the case surely it should be a squirrel feeder instead?
Yes. It is now a squirrel feeder.

What day is it, anyway?..

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