Friday, 6 March 2015

Exciting happenings at PP HQ!!

Hello Hello! Welcome to March! Sheesh! How quickly is this year going?!

A BIG change for three of our templates this week!!
The female & male heart designs and floral frame design!

These all now have a commercial license for you to purchase!! What does that mean? Well, it means you are purchasing the rights to resell up to 100 papercuts for 1 year.
You can find full Terms & Conditions on our website here -

How to purchase:
For example you want to resell the Daddy Heart.

Add 'Daddy Heart' (£7.50) to the cart.
Add 'Commercial Rights' (£100) to the cart.
Total £107.50

Voila! You will be emailed the template and a copy of your license agreement that will have all the details you need! Don't lose this! *wink*

So, who likes surprises?
I do! I love surprises! Well would you look at that, we have a surprise ready and waiting!

I can tell you that it is a template... it features Bunny and Bird... and it's suitable for beginners, so if you've just finished your starter kit, this would be a great template to try next! You can get it here.
And if you have subscribed to our newsletter, you can get this surprise template at half of it's already bargain price! 
You can sign up to our newsletter here -

I've spent a morning (yes, MORNING, I totally got up before midday!) being coughed on in the doc surgery to be told that I gotta have a biiiig mean needle in my elbows for 'tennis elbow' from sitting at my desk cutting all day. Bum! She suggested I, erm, stop cutting...or have nasty needles. Hmmph. No fair! I'm guessing with this 'job' I'm just gonna be a crooked mess in another 5 years, with my knobbly hands, dead legs and ruined neck/shoulders. If you are a papercutter please take care of yourself by having a slope to work on (brings your work closer to your face), take regular breaks, have chiro massages to get your neck moving again and and and...or just ignore it all like me and turn into a wizened crone!

 I've been working on a birdcage template for a supplement magazine of templates with my name on them for Craftseller. My list includes all kinds from card designs to hearts, houses and Christmas stuff (am I the first to mention the 'C' word this year do you think?) which is super exciting.
*wiggles legs to stop them going dead*

Well well well, what do we have here?
Another guest template!

This one is by the amazing Mad March Moon Designs, look how detailed it is! Check out all the animals in there, I could look at this for hours.
This comes in two sizes, A4 and A3, the A3 one is clever because it's two A4 pages you can join together! This will make it easier to cut as the details will be larger It's like two templates for the price of one! x Best of all, it comes with a commercial license option, so you can sell this one... super excitie-pants! You can buy it here.

Also this week saw these four gorgeous new cards landing at PP HQ!

These designs are perfect for Mother's Day! You can get them from the online store here
Each has a different phrase and is coloured in a beautiful delicate shade! They're blank inside for your own lovely message to your mum! *aww*
Printed in full colour on luxury 300gsm card with a brown envelope. 148x148mm.

Woman down! No cutting for me any time soon due to walking into an industrial sized bin knob. No other way to describe it. It hurts. A LOT.

I have to be the clumsiest bear in the world! Can't move it without it hurting and there's one helluva bruise under the ink I'm sure. Enforced rest - buggrit!!!
Didn't like sprouts and parsnips suck so they have been sacrificed for the greater good. *wink*

I'm off to rest my arm. *rings bell for ice cream*
Have a great weekend folks! P xx

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