Friday, 9 January 2015

What a busy (and exciting) week we've had!!

We've been super busy this week at PPHQ.  I’ve been busily posting your lovely orders because TimSam has deserted us and swanned off on his holibobs *wahhhhh, takes away holiday entitlement*. I haven’t half missed him, but don’t tell him I said that, he’ll get all big headed and start making diva-ish demands like having his water chilled to 21 degrees or some such.

I've had some very exciting post! My book preview turned up and I think it's just spiffing!! Have you pre-ordered yours yet? If not you can snap it up from here:

We've also had loads of new paper cuts, including something a little bit new and a little bit special. I spent Monday cutting a good old fashioned fairy complete with a rainbow, hearts and glitter! I went all girly on you! Plus there were some glorious Woodland animals cuts such as 'Home', which features Bird dreaming his little birdy dreams in his nest and 'Squirrel Tree' which shows a squirrel frolicking high up in the trees. Then there was some things for you pet lovers in the form of 'Friends' which features a cat about head duff a small boy. 

Something that's excited me greatly this week was the long awaited (by me) magic cards!!! I love these! You write a little message on the middle balloon (see the pictures) then stick a magic sticker over the top and send it off to a loved one, they can then scratch off the sticker to reveal all your lovliness!

I don't think I've missed anything... I hope you've all had a fantastic week?

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  1. I've pre- ordered my book - due to arrive the day after my birthday!!!!!! :-)