Friday, 16 January 2015

Exciting times!

I had some exciting news from a Panda fan this week, my book was number 10 in the Amazon New Releases chart! I just couldn't believe it, thank you so much to everyone who's pre-ordered. You'll get your book in March. If you've not got yours yet, you can get it at this link. I'm 16 on the New Releases chart now... can we get back in the top ten?!

It's time once again for another super smashing faaaaabulous Panda Challenge!!
The brief for this week's challenge is rather vague and mysterious - please feel free to interpret it as you wish and use any medium(s) you choose to create your entry. Are you ready for it...?

Panda Challenge Brief:
'Hello, my name is....'

Goodies *may* be sent out to the creators of the most interesting and artistic interpretations of the brief. wink emoticon
Everybody is welcome to take part. Entries are to be posted on the main PP wall on Sunday 18th January (please don't post them before this date as they won't be included in the challenge). 

After a crazy busy weekend and the general kind of non-stop mostly nocturnal life I've been living recently we've decided to have a bed day. Bed day is nice. It involves my favourite spotty onesie, no make-up (arrgh my eeeeyes!), a Marian Keyes book, Country Living magazine, Buddy the kitten (giving the camera his very best sleazy 'I'm a teenager, stop kissing me, mum' look) lots of tea, unopened cartons of orange juice (sneaks Coke upstairs) 8 pillows and Scrabble on my phone.
Recharge day WIN!

Who's ready for a new template?! wink emoticon 

This pretty A4 floral frame is ready to go right now. With 20 ready made options, including 'Happy Birthday', 'this too shall pass', 'there's no place like home' and even just the frame - perfect for popping over a photo for a unique little gift.

The custom option will be added next week, along with more ready made quotes soon!

It's been a busy old week.... *phew*... nipping off to Amsterdam for a relaxing weekend away! Ta-ra!

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