Friday, 23 January 2015

Challenges and Templates!

So, the Panda Challenge last week was to make a design to the brief, "Hello, my name is...", there were so many great entries, thanks to everyone who sent work in! These were my favourites.
Kimmie made a beautiful self portrait using a combination of hand drawing and digital techniques, while Andrea made a striking papercut combined with a lovely poem. 

Here's Andrea's poem - 

Hello, my name is Mum,
I fulfil their every need.
I kiss them when they hurt themselves,
I always clothe and feed.

Hello, my name is wife,
A lover and a friend.
Go through our life together,
On each other we depend.

Hello, my name is daughter,
And granddaughter too.
My family have raised me, 
To do the things I do.

Hello, my name is organist,
On the day of rest.
Praises to our Lord,
Dressed in our Sunday best.

Hello, my name is trombonist,
I entertain and play.
People sing and dance to me,
Throughout the night and day.

Hello, my name is conductor,
I lead them from the score.
We play at many concerts,
People shout "encore encore!"

Hello, my name is papercutter,
I cut paper with a knife.
Sitting quietly at my desk,
My little escape from life.

Hello, my name is Andrea,
And now all you have is me.
Strip away all my 'names',
And this is what you see.

Underneath the busy life,
We often do neglect.
To think about all those things,
That begin to take effect.

So, take a look beyond your names,
And reach deep inside.
All your fears and worries,
You shouldn't have to hide.

Hello, my name is Andrea,
Mum, daughter, wife.
Teacher, musician, papercutter,
This is my happy life.



The custom option Floral Frame template is now available! Huzzah! 
We can add any wording of your choosing to the design; we can fit a maximum of 12-15 words over 6 lines of text. Please chose the 'Custom' option in the dropdown menu and add your chosen wording to the 'notes' box at checkout. If we are unable to fit your chosen words/quote we will email you.

 What's that, another new template?!

Surely not a third template?! I have been busy this week ;)

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