Friday, 5 September 2014

What A Wonderful World FREEBIE

I have this song running through my head so I figured more people should also be randomly singing it too so I whipped up this quick typographical template that you can use. It's called an ear worm, did you know? When something gets stuck in your head? Random bit of info for you there...
Anyway, I figured then we'll all be ever so slightly happier. Yes.
Everybody SING!!!

Your final cut will fit into an Ikea Ribba frame 23x23cm. You can pop a photo of a special someone inside the heart, fill it with glitter or jib it off entirely, tis up to you. Please don't ask us to email any free templates - ask a mate or summit cos it's FREE innit? ;)
....SING dagnammit!*

Download HERE

 "And I think to myseeeelf...."


  1. Thank you so much for the downloads, I'm going to try the Wonderful World one next :-) ~ X ~

  2. Hello, Has this moved or been removed? I downloaded it a while ago but it's disappeared so went to download it again but it just says there was an error & it's moved or been deleted.

    1. Yes, sadly this one has been taken down now. x

    2. No no :-( Thanks for letting me know - gutted.