Tuesday, 2 September 2014

How Well Do You Know The Woodland Friends...Contest Winner - Under 11's!

The under 11's category was a tough one! All of the entries were so brilliant! You should all be super proud of yourselves!
I picked this story because I love the storyline, the characters and the little details!! Big congratulations to Erin Whyte, Aged 8.

Here is Erin's fantastic story...

It was a Tuesday in the forest. The woodland friends had gathered together for a spot of lunch. Bird sang happily in the tree and a great feeling of love was in the air as they played in the dappled sunlight without a care in the world. It was time to see what goodies were for lunch. Bunny found a lovely big cream cake and was just about to take a generous bite when..
.....they heard trumpets and that meant there was a new animal in the forest, her name was Luna. She was a little baby pony .
Bunny said to Luna "Welcome, I hope you had safe travels.
 Luna said  I did, I came to the woods because I was having some rough times in my life.
 Bird said "can you tell us your life time story?"
"Sure"  said Luna, "I was born on may 23rd 2013, I am only 1 years old. One day a terrible storm came and it flooded the farm that I lived on, I think I was the only one who made it out. My parents didn`t make it out, the farm was destroyed. So that's my story so far."
 Bunny was so sad and Bird started to cry.

Bunny invited Luna to join their picnic lunch, after they had all finished they all went to play together in the bright beams of sunlight that were shining through the trees.
After a little while the sun beams started to fade.
Bunny said "It's starting to get late so we better all go to sleep."
Luna was sad because she had nowhere to sleep,  Luna looked around and thought to herself that the forest looked really nice so I'll ask if I'm allowed to stay.
Luna walked up to Bunny and asked if she would be allowed to stay for the night. Bunny said, "Of course you are welcome, we always have space for more animals and you can sleep in my house. It's the one in the old hollowed out tree. Once we are there I'll let you meet my family and you can have some supper with us."
Bunny introduced Luna to all his family, his mum Jenny, his dad Rupert, His little brother Benjamin and is little sister Holly. They had a lovely supper and Jenny told everyone to get off to bed because it was getting late.

In the morning Bunny decided that everyone should go on an adventure to explore the woods and find Luna's farm. Bunny , Bird and Luna set off on their adventure after they had a snack.
The first night of the adventure Bunny saw something glowing in a pile of leaves and dust, Bunny said "It's a magic wand."
Bird began to feel hungry, suddenly the wand started to glow. It made them all a big feast, they all felt very happy and they really enjoyed the feast as it was very delicious.
After the feast Bunny said "It is getting late." Luna started to feel tired and the wand stated to glow again, It gave them all a tent to sleep in.

The next day they got up and had some breakfast, then they set off on their adventure again.  At one point in their adventure they came across an old oak tree, they found an old badger called Jim. Bunny said "we are on an adventure would you like to join us?"
"Of course" said Jim.
Luna jumped in and told him she was on an adventure to find the farm she used to live in that got torn down by a storm. Jim told them he used to live on that farm and it is rebuilt now and some other animals survived. Luna was curious to see if her parents survived.

Next in their adventure they met an old sheep dog called Rounder, Luna asked him if he wanted to join them to find the farm that her and old badger used to live on. Rounder told them he used to live on the farm too and he would like to join them.
They all set off walking and bird spotted some large buildings in the distance. "That's the farm shouted Luna, "I recognise every single bit of it." At the corner of her eye Luna noticed some ponies that looked very familiar prancing about in the field. They came galloping up to her.
Luna realised that they were her parents and she was trying to hold back her tears. Luna's mum Celestia said "Oh Luna, we thought we'd never see you again."
Then Luna's dad flash came running up to her and said "Oh Luna we have missed you dearly."
Luna and her parents had joined together back into the farm, the farm animals and the woodland animals became friends. Flash said "The woodland animals are welcome to visit us anytime they like".
The woodland animals and the farm animals joined their worlds together and lived in harmony.

The EndVery well done to all the under 11 entry authors! Fabulous stories!!
(David Surgenor, please pop an email over so we can get a little prize out to Erin! Thanks.) 

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